Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

After a 7 month sabbatical I am finally back. The problem was that I sold my computer (I returned from my mission with an iPad, for FREEEEE), and with only an iPad, I didn't like typing things on a touch screen. I promised myself that I would get a keyboard for it, but never got around to it. When I finally did and it arrived in the mail, I realized that all I got was a keyboard CASE and no keyboard. Lame.

Anyway, since school is about to start and my iPad will be my main tool for taking notes, I figured now was the time.

So, here I am! Back into the blogging world. I feel like people are doing it less and less with Facebook and Instagram, but I still really like having a blog for my own sake. It's a fun place to store memories and funny things that happen.

So let the blogging begin!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Real Life

Dear Real Life,

I can't believe I'm with you again. It seems like the last 18 months were some sort of dream. It's good to be with you again. Even though my heart longs for my friends in Nebraska, I love being here with my family and old friends. Some highlights from our reunion:

My best friend got married:
My sister Laura waited for me to get home from my mission to get married. She will never know how much this meant to me and I will never be able to pay her back. What a beautiful thing to come home to. And of course, this meant these lovely ladies were there too. How I love my friends. 

I got to take a few pics for my Sister on her wedding day. What a great day

Then I have just been spending time with my wonderful nieces and nephews. Man, I have missed them. 

Baby Abby, I met her for the first time when I got home! 

Spy Training with Landon and Matthew

This is in Elder Watson's office at Ethan Allen. I would always sit on his chair at the Trail Center. I love Elder Watson, he is one of my best friends. 

Played with this girl. Love her. 

My favorite girls playing Barbie games on the iPad. I like to look at all my girl nieces playing together. It reminds me of Sarah, Allison, Courtney, Laura, Kaitlin, and Kayley. So cute. 

Hannah and I had a sewing day. 

Reuniting with some of my sisters from the Trail Center. 

Real life, you've been pretty great. I'm excited for what more you have to offer. 


Sister Proctor
Martha Proctor

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You've Been Punked!!!

Dear Family,

You've been punked! Of course, I will write more. Although, I won't be able to write much. We have to go take the new missionaries out, and then I have to pack. But I want to share with you the email that I just wrote to Elder Watson:

Dear Elder Watson,

My last Trail Center moment letter. What a sad thing--good, but sad. Heavenly Father was so good to me last night. It was my last shift and I of course was working on the book with Sister Watson for most of the shift. At about 7:30 I came out and I was so tired and not in any mood to take a tour, but I figured no one would come in to the Trail Center, so I was just kicking back. Then, at 8 a HUGE group of crazy black people came in.  They had decided that with a new year they wanted to try something new as a family. So I showed them "God's Plan for Happiness" and it was really good. The tour was CRAZY. So scattered with so many crazy things, but it was nice. A few of them went ahead, but I had 4 that stuck with me and asked a lot of questions. They loved it there and they loved learning about not only the Pioneers but also about what they believed. It was so special. At the end of the tour, they were all so excited to get copies of the Book of Mormon. Sister Arnold had a stack of them and handed them out to those who wanted them. Then, I passed out referral cards and 4 of them filled them out and were so excited to have missionaries come to their house. Then, Sister Arnold got the guitar and I sang "No Greater Man" for them in the lobby. It was one of the strangest, but also best experiences. I had no idea what was going on most of the time, but I just went with the flow, and it worked out so well. Heavenly Father was so good to give me this incredible opportunity. It was such a fun moment as a missionary at the Trail Center to give stacks of the Book of Mormon out, to have 4 referral cards turned in, and then of course to incorporate music. When they left, I just started bawling at how good Heavenly Father had been to me. I am so grateful for the time I have been able to serve at the Trail Center. I will forever hold it in my heart. I will miss it every day of my life, but also live every day a changed person because of it.

This week has been a good week-- full of stress, tears and laughter. I am excited to come home and tell you everything face to face.

Know that I am so grateful that I chose to serve a mission. This experience has taught me more about my Savior and brought me closer to Him and Heavenly Father. I am leaving Nebraska as a different person, who is more converted to the gospel. The two greatest things that I have learned from my mission are this: 1- The Gospel Blesses Families. 2- Heavenly Father knows us, loves us and is always right.

I am one sad girl to be leaving, but I cannot wait to see you all again. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. Thank you for your prayers, as they were definitely felt. It's weird, but I feel like our family has gotten closer as Jared and I have been away serving missions. That's the great thing about serving the Lord, He always makes up the difference.

OK, I have to stop writing, because I'm crying like a baby and I want to still have some make-up on when we go meet the new sisters and take them out.

So, know that I love you, and I am so excited to see you at the airport. I'll be the one wearing the giant corn on the cob hat.

Sister Proctor

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

 Hello Family,

Well it was great to talk to you last night, I wish that Jake and Laralee could have been there as well! But, I guess I'll see them soon enough! But I forgot to mention something to all of my nieces and nephews! Something WEIRD happened and when I was opening my Christmas presents this morning, I found a bunch of presents for all of my nieces and nephews underneath the Christmas tree!!!! Santa must have forgotten to give them to you and accidentally left them in Nebraska! CRAZY!!! But, I will make sure to bring them home with me so you can open them!

Here are some pictures from this last week.

Do you remember how I was at one point going to go home on December 19? Well, it's been crazy because it seems like every single day after December 19 has been one of the greatest days EVER. Just when I think it can't get any better. It is so awesome. Heavenly Father knows us so well and knows what we need. I am so grateful for Him.

Elder Watson told me he called you. He said it was crazy at our house and that he could hear all of the grandkids screaming in the background. That's fun.

I also attached the script for the training we did this last Saturday. It was so SO SOSOSOSOSOSO good. There was such an incredible Spirit there it was incredible. There is so much love for everyone that is here right now, and that's really special. You should read it. It's called the Women Who Knew Jesus.

Oh my gosh, I'll have to send you another picture of me singing with this family band that came in. Elder Watson made me go up and sing with them- it was so much fun!

We went to South Dakota this week for Zone Conference. MY LAST ONE! Weird. It was a great meeting and so fun to be with all the missionaries for a special Christmas training. What a great thing.

I can't believe I will only send one more email. This doesn't feel real at all. But, when I look back to when I first got here, it seems like SO long ago! This has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father knows us and cares about us. This Church is true and it has been such a great experience to be a missionary and representative of not only the Church, but of Jesus Christ Himself. He has blessed me and strengthened me in more ways than I can describe or even know.

I love our family. I love the time that we share with one another. I hope that when I go home that we can continue to progress as a family as we spend time together, serve each other and strengthen each other spiritually. Thank you for getting me here on this mission and supporting me the whole way. I will forever be indebted for your selfless service.

I love you all. I thank you.

Sister Proctor

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I will see you on skype NEXT WEEK!!!

 Hello Family!

So, first things first. Skyping would work best for me if I were to do it on Christmas Day. But, if we can't get a hold of Jared, then I'll figure out how to do it on Christmas Eve.

I cannot believe Eve cut her own hair. And right before Laura's wedding. hahaha. Oh man, I'm sure Laura was freaking out.

We have had a great week once again. Things have been really busy at the Trail Center. Currently we have 6 school buses full of kids here. It's nuts. Everyone loves the Gingerbread Festival. A lot of the people from the clinic have come and that has been really awesome. I was able to take this one guy on tour on Sunday who was at the dinner that we sang at last weekend. He ended up taking a Book of Mormon and then asked when Church was. It was awesome. I really like being BOLD with people. It's awesome :)

I attached some pictures from that dinner that we performed at last week. We did a lot of singing. We performed at GB, and then again at the mall yesterday. But, with the exception of singing at the convent on Christmas Eve we are all done with performing, and I am kind of relieved!!! It's been an awesome opportunity, but planning them has taken a lot of work!

Thursday was my last time at the clinic. It was sad to say goodbye! I sure loved the service I was able to give there and the people I met. It was so great!

We finished the Official Mormon Trail Center Missionary Handbook. It's kind of a big deal. Just like we have the regular handbook, we now have one for the Trail Center. It's pretty awesome.

We had some great lessons this week. We taught Diane a lot about the Atonement. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am grateful that it not only redeems, but also enables. I have felt that so much as I have been serving here. What a wonderful, beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to know that we can always be made better.

Some members showed us this awesome video. I am sure that you have heard about it, but if not-- go on youtube and search "called to serve sisters unite" and watch it. It is so AWESOME! Deciding to serve a mission was the best choice I could have ever made at this point in my life. I am so grateful for the the blessings that have come and the lessons that I have learned. I know my Savior more. I know my Heavenly Father. I am more converted to the gospel. I know how to be a better friend, a better family member, a better disciple. What a great Christmas present to me.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I have gotten so close to my Savior by reading the Book of Mormon.

I love my FAMILY! They are incredible people who have loved me through it all. I will be forever grateful for the love and service that my family has provided for me.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I am excited for everyone to have such a good Christmas. I am excited to skype with you all next week and then to see you in real life the week after!

I love you all!

Sister Proctor

P.S. Did you already do the chocolate dipping party? Because maybe all the chocolates you sent me got lost in the mail.... ;)

 Me and Ron the Pharmacist
 Saying goodbye to Larry, another Pharmacist
Me and Dr. Fischer - he is so great, he came

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hi Family!

What a great week this has been! I say that every week... but that's because every day is great here! Some highlights from this week:

Our CDs came back from production. THEY LOOK AWESOME. I can't wait for all the Sisters to open them up on Christmas Eve.

December 7th was Pearl Harbor Day and I got to celebrate it with a Sister from Japan. You can see our "peace making" picture attached hahaha

We wanted to give the Senior Couples a nice gift, and Sister Arnold's Sis in law hooked us up with free books from Deseret Book! So awesome!!!

We had Zone Leader Council. That was a lot of fun and very cool.

We sang at another Gingerbread Performance.

Getting a package from Mom/Sister Graham, courtesy of Steve Scott. We loved the package PS.

Finding out that this one lady that I took on tour and offered a copy of Joy to the World is now a progressing investigator in Mississippi. Super awesome!

Awesome Lesson with Diane on the Atonement. She set her OWN commitments. So great.

We did service at the Catholic Convent.

We went to a dinner with the Commercial Club of Florence and accepted the "Community Betterment award." We also sang a few songs. It was really really cool! A lot of people felt the Spirit and said we were glowing as we were singing and talking to them. It was all in this really awesome old house called the Fort Crook house. It was a General's house and would be used for parties. It was so fun! I felt like I was in Little Women. This super nice old house. Dinner party. Singing. What a dream. We have such a cool way to do missionary work! I can't even stand it. We sat at the head table and everyone was asking us about what we do. So awesome.

Today we had Watson Wagon. We went and saw the GB at Kanesville Tabernacle. That was a lot of fun! Then we went shopping! Christmas shopping! All I got was wrapping paper... oh man. I'm not very good at shopping anymore :)

The pictures included are my Pearl Harbor peace picture and the pic of me and Sis Arnold in our matching Christmas PJs. They are the best!

I can't believe that everyone and their dogs are going on missions! That is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not going to LDSBC.

I want to Skype on Christmas at pretty much whenever works best for Jared.

I can't believe you got my flight plans. That is crazy.

Oh man, I'm so bummed about Disneyland plans being cancelled. Oh well. Hopefully it happens in September or October!

Yeah, super cool that I met that guy from Isaac's mission! He said he served in Khabarosk or whatever and so I asked if he knew Isaac. Way cool. It was nice that Isaac was a good missionary and that he was just spouting out all of these good things about him. It would have been so embarrassing if Isaac was a dud and I found out in front of all of my friends here :) Way to be Isaac! I'm sure people would say the same things about Jared and Jake. I've got some good brothers.

Welp, we still have to go do EVERYTHING for P-day. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!!!

Love you all,
Sister Proctor

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hello Family!

Christmas is in the air and I am loving it!!! It hasn't even snowed here yet. It kind of flurried, but it's been great. It's like 60 degrees too, which is awesome. Awesome for missionaries, not awesome for all the farmers since Nebraska was in a huge drought this summer and probably will be next summer...

I got an awesome package from Michelle! It was fun to see some of those videos! I plan on watching them all today. They were pretty hilarious and fun to see the kids. Thanks to the best nieces and nephews in the world for that awesome shirt! I love it!

This week was great, we went to the eye doctor to figure out Sis. Arnold's eyes, and he couldn't figure out anything, but when we were in the clinic that night, one of the pharmacists said that when you turn the furnace on then it dries out your eyes and so we got a humidifier and all was well! Super convenient. We did a Christmas performance at the clinic. Everyone there LOVED it! Oh my gosh, the head doctor there is SO nice. He love Sister Arnold and I. He got us tickets to this Beatles tribute band because Sis. Arnold had mentioned that she liked the Beatles. Obviously, we can't go, but it was so nice of him.

We found an awesome part member family that is so great! They have two little boys who are so sweet and they have a bunch of Mormon friends and so they loved having us over there. Pray for them. Pray that we will be able to teach them and get them baptized!

On Saturday we had a super awesome training about Gratitude. We had several sisters share experiences about Gratitude. I shared Alma 26:16. I still can't get through that verse without bawling. Like Jared mentioned in his letter, we have SO MUCH to be grateful for!

I hope you all watched the First Presidency Devotional. It was SO good!!! Oh I love listening to our Prophet and Apostles. Their messages were so good! If you didn't watch it last night, watch it tonight for Family Night.

Speaking of Christmas, it is going to be our P-day so we can skype pretty much anytime. I would like to skype with Jared... in fact I was wondering what you thought about me just spending most of my time skyping with Jared, since I will see you 10 days later... :|

Let me have one moment of being trunky-- Yesterday was Fast Sunday, and I realized that next Fast Sunday I will be home and I will be able to make a delicious dessert!! ahhh! Crazy. Also, can we please go to Cafe Rio on the way home from the airport? Enough about that.

Sorry if my letter is really scatterbrained, I'm emailing back and forth with Laura right now.

Jared's letter inspired me to write one like His: Sometimes it gets kind of cold at night, and I have to get out of bed to turn on my electric blanket- but some people don't have an electric blanket. Sometimes, I get sick of eating out all the time, but some people don't even have Senior Couples to take them out to dinner. Sometimes, I don't like having to pay quarters to do laundry, but the Laundry Room is just down the stairs and it only takes an hour to wash and dry all our clothes. Sometimes, it's hard to fall asleep worrying that I'm going to roll off the bed, but then I realize, that some people don't have two mattresses to make their bed extra high and extra comfy. Sometimes, the iPad's screen gets really dirty looking, but some people don't even have iPads. Sometimes, it's hard to deal with all the fame and the popularity, but some people don't even get to sing in Malls once a week :)  Hahahah! Obviously it's a bit sarcastic, but oh what a difference between my mission and Jared's mission. And yet, somehow, we are still doing the same great work. Different conveniences, but the same work. That's cool.

Welp, I love you all! Keep up the good work!

When is the Christmas Chocolate party and do I get any of it?!

Do you have the Christmas tree up yet? please keep it up through January :)

I love you all!

Sister Proctor

1- Elder Watson bought a Popcorn popper then didn't want it, so he gave it to me. It's awesome and I'm totally bringing it home.

 2- My awesome Christmas present that I apparently opened up too early :)

3- Sweet Christmas house
 4- This car was in the parking lot at the TC
 5- It is so foggy here all the time!!!

6- A bad pic of us performing at the clinic