Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rock Climbing

My Brother's and Dad's latest obsession is Rock Climbing. And on Monday I was at home for Family Night. My Dad took us all to Momentum up in Sandy and we went Rock Climbing. We got there and they showed us how to properly belay and then they let us climb! It was a blast! However, I realized that my fear of heights is VERY real, being that I was only able to make it up to the top once because of that fear. But all in all, it was very fun and would enjoy doing it again. Momentum is located next to REI in Sandy. It is 15 dollars for a day pass which includes the harness. It is much bigger than the Quarry which is located in Provo. And this Friday is College Student Night, so you can bring your ID and get in for only 10 dollars!

Friday, January 18, 2008


OK here's the thing. I have this blog for my English class, and our theme is food. So we are occasionally supposed to write about food. So, every Thursday night, my sister Laura, my brother Isaac and I all go over to my sister Michelle's house for dinner. We switch off every week who gets to pick what we have for dinner and my gourmet chef sister Michelle makes it for us.

Well, last week she got to pick. She picked Parmesan Chicken, which was to die for. Anyway, as we were sitting around the table, we asked my brother Isaac what he was going to choose for the next week since it was his turn. When we were little we would always choose fish sticks for our birthday dinner, just because we all LOVE tartar sauce. So Isaac decided to go along with tradition, and we had fish sticks for dinner last night. The tartar sauce was amazing. I found myself eating more fish sticks, just so I wouldn't waste any tartar sauce. It's a bit ridiculous. However, I do the same thing with steak. I am not a big fan of steak, but A1 sauce is heaven sent. So I go ahead and eat the steak just so I can get a little taste of A1. Who would have thought that condiments would be so addicting? haha

Friday, January 11, 2008

And so it begins...

I am officially in the world o' blogs. Gotta love it.