Wednesday, September 17, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

I decided that since I made a post about my pet peeves, I should also do the optimistic side of things, and write about the things that I absolutely LOVE.

1. The smell of Christmas-y spices (Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg)
2. The smell of Home made bread cooking in the oven
3. I love the first snowfall of the year
4. The changing of seasons. It's perfect timing
5. Anything made by apple. It's genius.
6. Redbox
7. Playing with my family
8. Laundry Day
9. Being with Friends
10. Hilarious movies
11. Actually understanding what is going on in a class
12. Getting Homework done early.
13. Rain
14. Letters in the mail
15. Checking my email and having a TON of new messages
16. Actually paying attention to the words I'm singing, and having them mean something.
17. Listening to Music
18. The Carpenters
19. My job. Who wouldn't want to be paid to do homework?
20. My darling nieces and nephews.
21. My amazing parents for never being too strict or too lenient.
22. College. The professors know what they are talking about and actually want to be there. Unlike High School.
23. Otter Pops
24. Clean Bed Sheets
25. The smell of certain shampoos, and how it can remind you of the times you were using those shampoos. There is this one shampoo that always makes me think of when I was in New York. Ah. It's the greatest.
26. Now that I'm thinking about it, New York City.
27. Traveling
28. My best friends Erin and Kylar.
29. New clothes
30. Comfortable Pajamas
31. Getting into Music that I am listening to
32. Driving in a car with the window down and my arm out
33. Police Beat
34. The Gospel
35. Having a crush on someone
36. Mario Kart Wii
37. Chili Cheese Fritos
38. Retro Bikes
39. Reading through my journal
40. Finally posting something on my blog.