Saturday, January 24, 2009

Martha Needs...

Ok, so I found this idea on Darrell's blog. I found it HILARIOUS. So I had to post it. What you do is type in your first name and then the word needs afterwords. So I typed in "Martha needs" and these are the top 5 results.

Martha needs to rebuild her self-confidence by identifying why it has been so difficult for her to establish and maintain friendships

Martha needs to pick a better place to hang out if she wants to lie, conspire and obstruct justice.

Martha needs a publisher to spruce up her magazines

Martha needs a BIG attitude adjustment if for no other reason than the way she treats people

Martha needs to get off the playground with the rest of the kids and act her age

Apparently, there are a lot of mean, conniving people named Martha. That is really quite a shame. But it was funny to see what came up!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Year of 2008 In Pictures

I decided to make a "year in pictures" post as it seems a lot of other people have, and I enjoy looking at their's so i thought I would make one of my own ;).

This picture is the first day of Winter Semester 2008. I'm with my roommate Chelsea in the dorms. Apparently, I looked somewhat Chinese at the beginning of the year.

This picture is another one of Chelsea and I. We wanted to go sledding, but we didn't have any sleds. So instead, we used garbage bags. That was by far my favorite way to go sledding. You just put the garbage bag on, poking holes for your legs to go through, and you go INSANELY fast down the hill. So much fun.

This is when Chelsea and I went to the Jonas Brothers Concert. Chelsea got 2 tickets for her birthday, and since I was the only other person who even knew who the Jonas Brothers were, she took me along. We had a total blast hanging out with all the 8 year girls.

The Jonas Brothers.

This is a picture of me rock climbing. At the beginning of the year our family became hard core wall climbers. It was a lot of fun.

This is my niece Hannah, Me and my sister Laura at our annual Cinco de Marcho party. It's SOO much fun. Cinco de Marcho is one of my favorite holidays. We make home made Cafe Rio, have a pinata, all the good stuff.

This was my very first trip to Henefer, Utah. I went with a bunch of friends to the Dearden Residence and had a total blast eating delicious food and sledding down the mountain.

This is when I finally got my self a laptop. Not just any laptop, but a Macbook. We had a lot of fun the first little while playing on the beloved application, Photobooth.

On April 1, 2008 My beautiful niece Brooklyn Proctor was born. She is a total doll and so much fun to play with.

At the end of the semester, I moved out of Heritage Halls. But, of course we had to take the classic cheesy roommate pictures.

My friend Russell and I from Freshman year the day we all moved out.

My best friend Erin and I finally reunited after many months of not hanging out. It's always so fun to play with her. This picture pretty much sums up our friendship ahah.

In May my whole family ran the Race for the Cure. It was SO much fun! It was so great to see Mom in the Pink Survivor shirt walking the Survivors finish with Dad. It was really sweet.

In the summer, I moved into a new house with some friends. We painted the inside a great red color. It looks sooo much better now.

This is when I went with a bunch of friends to Moab, Utah. We hiked up to the Delicate Arch. It was so pretty!

This is the group of us in Moab.

Many summer days were spent sitting on my porch with these girls. GOOD times. How I miss them.

And summer nights were spent with these folks. We were crazy and it was the best summer ever.

This is when I went to the Seconhand Serenade concert.

This was my 19th Birthday party. I had a lot of fun and got a lot of hilarious presents.

My three best friends at my birthday party. My sister Laura, Erin, Me and Kylar. I love these girls.

This is me and my niece Hannah on my birthday. A bunch of people think that she looks like a mini-me in this picture.

This was an F.H.T. (Family Home Tuesday) that started out at Chocolate Pudding Finger painting, but ended in me dunking this poor boy's bald head into the pudding bowl. It was a lot of fun.

This was your average trip to the hospital cafe at 3 a.m. We were all so out of it, but it was a complete blast.

The youngest of the Proctor Fam at the Strawberry Days Rodeo. SO much fun.

I sent my very best friend off on his mission to Cambodia.

This was when I went to Henefer for the 4th of July. These were the potato races. Completely weird, yet awesome.

This was the 4th of July kickball game at home in the backyard.

I spent many a summer days cheering for the ward softball team. Here's Isaac throwing a mean curveball.

This was before we painted the outside of our house.

And this was after! It looks sooo much better now. Thanks to everyone in the ward who came and helped.

I went boating with friends and had the time of my life. I really love boating.

This is me kneeboarding on the same boating trip. Oh how I miss summer.

The SUHWEET shirts we made for Pioneer day. The shirts will forever smell like onions and garlic since I used the cutting board for an ironing board. sick.

Same day, we went up the mountain and watched all of the fireworks in the valley.

This was for a formal stake dance, but clearly when they say formal they mean 80's.

The girls that got me to dress up 80's. That was such a ridiculously fun night.

Whenever we went to Mom's for Sunday dinner we would end it by going out on the deck and talking. It was so nice and so fun. And I was tan, that was nice.

We had an awesome White Trash Bash.

That also included a bounce house.

Me and my best friends at the Breaking Dawn Release.

With our books!

At the best parade of ALL TIME, the Highland Fling with my niece and nephews

My cousin Sarah and Laura moved in with me!

Some of our friends in the ward had a hot tub and filled it with orange soda. It was SO sick, but of course, unbelievably awesome.

It rained hard one night, so clearly we had to go puddle jumping.

This was at our ward Western dance party at our Bishop's cabin.

All of the girls got to go to the Relief Society Meeting and listen to Mom sing in the choir.

This was our Fall Break. "But? BYU doesn't have a Fall Break?" you may ask. Well my response, "They do if you make one." Best. Break. Ever.

We all got fish for our house. Dragon Slayer, Gil, Adagio, Def Kwon, and Spike who is not pictured. They don't get along very well seeing as they are betta fish.

Shotgun shooting. Hard core.

My friends and I at the High School Musical 3 Midnight Release! It was soooooo amazing and so much fun. Yes, we did PAINT those shirts and they looked awesome. Everyone was jealous.

Me, Laura and Sarah dressed up as 80's prom for the ward Halloween Party. SO fun.

Our roommate photo shoot. We are retards. But at least we are hot retards.

Our family's annual Harvest Party. Yes, I did use Laura's arm the entire time to get my donut off that string.

My best friend Kylar got married.

This is the 3 of us at her reception.

Our apartment had a "Fakesgiving" dinner. Thanksgiving dinner, but it was 2 weeks early. I made a turkey and it was delicious.

More of the dinner.

The 3 of us at the Midnight Release of TWILIGHT! SO fun! But it was freezing waiting outside in line!

My brother Isaac got engaged to my friend Taniel.

I went to the zoo with my darling nieces and nephews

We put Christmas lights up on our house.

We took cheesy Christmas pictures in ugly Christmas turtlenecks, then made a letter and sent it out to the ward.

More of the pictures.

And that is it! 2008 Has been a complete blast and I loved every minute of it! I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store!