Monday, September 27, 2010

smart. S-M-R-T. smart.

So remember my previous post? About getting a really good score on my Anatomy test? Yeah, well today I had lab for Anatomy. And let's just say I had a small slice of humble pie.

I love my lab. It's really fun. Yes, I do see cadavers. No, I don't faint. It's actually really cool. Well, at the beginning of every lab we have a quiz on what we learned the week before. 10 questions. The 10th question is always some sort of practice one or bonus. What they do is they have pins that have numbers on them and they stick them in a certain thing, and we have to name what the pin is in. Oh- and they keep said pins on a piece of foam when they are not in use (which, unfortunately, I didn't learn about until after the quiz). Well, today I was taking my quiz and I got to question 10. I see a pin with a 10 on it in a piece of foam. The foam had a bunch of holes all over it. In my head I'm thinking, "OK I know 10 is usually a bonus question, but are they really going to be so ridiculous as to put out a piece of foam?" Then, trying to dig deeper, I thought it semi-resembled the anterior sacral foramina. Then, deciding that they were just giving us a total freebie I put "Old Foam" down for number 10. I turn in my quiz and sit and wait for everyone else to finish.

Then, as I'm waiting, I see a number 10 on one of the cadavers. GREAT. That was the real question #10 which was the Serratus Anterior (I totally knew it, I would have gotten the bonus point). Feeling like an idiot, I tell my TA that I saw the 10 pin in the piece of foam and not the real one, hoping to get my quiz back to change the answer. But, since I already turned it in I couldn't take it back. I told them, and my whole class about the situation and how I seriously just wrote "Old Foam" for my answer. We were all laughing. And as embarrassing as it was, I was laughing too and can't stop laughing about it. Such a proud moment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This video here perfectly describes how I felt this morning coming out of the Testing Center:

I left early this morning to go and take my Anatomy test before 10 am (that was the cut-off time, I may or may not have procrastinated a little bit). I got into the Testing Center feeling as nervous as ever, but hoping that all my studying would pay off. I took the test. 25 questions. 9 minutes. I even went back and double checked my answers. I turned it into the lady. Walked down the stairs. Opened the door. Looked up to the TV, and saw "5601 92% Awesome!" There is nothing better. I love it when even the TV tells me I did awesome. Ahhh... So great. Then, as I walked out, I even had this song in my head. I was swinging my bag around and I felt like I should run up and kiss someone or something because I was so dang happy hahaha. Such a great way to start the day. AAAAND Biggest Loser starts tonight. Today could not get any better.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today is my friend Kylar's 22nd Birthday! I cannot believe that we are getting so old. It doesn't feel real. Well, I was inspired, by her, to dedicate a post specifically to her for her Birthday. Kylar and I met in 8th grade, so we have a lot of really great memories together. Here are 22 of the reasons and 22 pictures of why I love her to death:

1. In High school we took Interior Design together. It was the biggest joke. We mixed frosting and frosted vanilla wafers for one of our classes. But we had a ton of fun sitting next to each other and talking all class period.

The 3 of us at my 19th Birthday Party

2. If there was ever a chance to sluff in High School, we took it. Spirit Bowls? More like a time in school when they FINALLY don't take roll! We would be out in the parking lot before we knew it, on our way to Gandolfos, or maybe Cafe Rio.

The best night of our lives. The Beach Boys concert. Yes, we made those dresses. PS we didn't even take this picture. The event photographer did and we found it online. We were practically famous. We got asked to get up and dance with the Beach Boys, but their drunk manager took one look at us and said too many polka dots, and that was the end.

3. She always made me watch old movies. I loved it.

I had to show the un-cropped picture. Look how SHORT my dress is! Why on earth did they not tell me?!

4. She would always play with my hair. Whether it was when we were watching a movie and I would lay down next to her, or if she sat behind me in class. It was the best. MAN, I miss that! Haha!

This is the best picture known to man. Erin's face is classic. And that trip to Lake Powell was the best. Our blazing sunburns. Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey. Playing Mash the whole way down. Perfect.

5. We would have sewing nights ALL the time. I'd bring my sewing machine over, she'd have hers, and we would sew away the night. Either watching a great old movie, or some old TV show. Like the Mary Tyler Moore show or The Monkees.

80s High School Dance. We've never looked better.

6. We would always go fabric shopping (and still do!). The best was when we found Elvis material at Walmart and made skirts out of them. We both still have those skirts and wear them today! It's the best! Also, we would always drag Dan along. Poor kid.

End of the Year Dance. So cute and So happy to be done with High School! PS. Erin is wearing Kylar's shirt and Kylar is wearing Erin's shirt. They switched in the Gandolfos parking lot before the dance ;)

7. Another sewing night we had, I was trying to help her make this super cute dress, out of really weird tablecloth raincoat fabric haha. Needless to say it didn't work so well. That may have been because I lost some of the pattern. Whoops! P.S. I still have no idea how I lost it or where it could have gone!

The Eclipse midnight release. So pretty. We also made Dan come to this. Why was he friends with us again?!

8. We were in AP Calculus our Senior Year together. She was smart enough to drop out at the Semester. I followed her footsteps just a term later. Hahah. Bad news.

San Francisco Choir Tour. We shared a room. My feet smelled. I got ready in the sink. Her mom and Paula would come in every night dressed up as something else to sing us a song.

9. She started a club at school called SOHI (Signs of Hope International). She was the President and Erin and I did what we could to help out (mostly we just caused trouble at the club meetings). She was amazing, and not afraid to follow her ambition of having this club!

This was after I had my senior pictures taken in her beautiful yard. But how CUTE is this picture. I love it.

10. We would have read-a-thons in her basement all the time. Twilight. Harry Potter. It was amazing.

Breaking Dawn Midnight Release

11. During the winter we would drive around in her Mini Convertible and have "freeze-outs." This pretty much meant we would be in the front with the seat warmers on and heater blowing in our face, and we would freeze someone out who was sitting in the back. Haha. How annoying. But we thought it was hilarious.

Sluffing school to fly kites. The best.

12. I don't know how it started or why, but whenever we would drive in the Mini, we would always try to turn on each others seat warmer without them noticing. Hahah. I love it!

Ah, Sally's birthday celebration at Jamba Juice and then off to see Step Up. This day will forever live in infamy. But, wait Sally isn't there? Yeah... huge mis-communication. But we had a blast and we got to celebrate with Sally that night.

13. When we were looking through the yearbook at the end of our Senior year and we saw that Sally's Senior quote said that we were all "Greek Checks" instead of "Geek Checks." HAHAHAHA!

One of the cutest pictures of the 3 of us. Love.

14. When Facebook still had that weird Graffiti application. Where you could pretty much post graffiti on someone's wall. We would always draw stuff on each others wall. Mostly having to do with High School Musical 2.

We made these awesome T-shirts as if we were hardcore fans.

15. Because she says things like "Oh my laws!" And, "We definitely need to launch an investigation..."

Erin's 18th Birthday. So fun.

16. She is SUPER crafty. She sews, knits, crochets, makes her own rings and headbands. She is legit. She even sells the stuff she makes at boutiques, Alpine Days, and through her website I am amazed at all the hard work she puts into this.

Raising money for SOHI at school.

17. We have taken a lot of classes together at BYU. Music 101 (I slept through most of this, while she took notes. I thought it was a great situation, but apparently she would have preferred me to be awake :)). American Humanities from 1900 or something, Interior Design, and Art History. I love it when we have classes together. Although now that we are both getting more into our majors, I don't know how well that is going to work out. But luckily we still see each other on campus and get to play.

Sally's REAL birthday celebration. We are the cutest.

18. Because we are both at work at the same time, we get to g-chat frequently. We are always just chatting away, sending links of things we want to buy, or even planning our virtual weddings. Hahaha!

At the Strawberry Days Rodeo.

19. If she has eggs for breakfast and she tells you what she had for breakfast, she will say "Egg." Just Egg. Not eggs. Hahah

The 3 of us FINALLY had Twilight and we were ready to get reading.

20. When Erin and I forced her into Victoria's Secret. Hahahah.

Hahaha the strangest Preference group of all time. Yes, that is my sister Laura with her friend Cody. No, they were not in High School. Yes, Cody did pretend that he was from England. Yes, Matt did believe that through all of Senior Year.

21. Eating grilled cheese sandwiches, then having a vat of ice cream topped with Nesquick.

Kylar loves her Dad to death. She wouldn't be the wonderful person she is today without him. And luckily, he semi-tolerated Me and Erin :) I think this photo perfectly captures the relationship we had with him. Hahahah!

22. We have planned a million trips together, but haven't gone on a single one. I know we will someday and I can't wait. What I love about that though, is that sometimes High School friends fade away. But we still spend time together and still tell each other everything...eventually. She is an amazing friend and I hope her 22nd Birthday is the best yet! Happy Birthday Ky Ky

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carver Cafe

Yeah, this may or may not have happened...

Hahahahah! On our trip to Oregon about 3 weeks ago, we went to the Carver Cafe. It is like 10 minutes away from Sarah's house. The food is actually delicious, and there were a bunch of people there for the very same reason-to see part of where Twilight was filmed. We were probably the least hard-core fans. There was a mom and a daughter that had driven from FLORIDA to Forks and La Push and then all around Oregon where it had been filmed. Then 2 very funny ladies, one from Oregon and the other visiting from Alabama checking out all the sights. They actually took this picture for us and emailed it to me today (we were retarded and forgot our cameras-who does that?!). Anyway, it's pretty funny. I am glad we went. Twice. What?

What the?

Last night I noticed something that I've never noticed before.



Asian?! What?! That could explain my old drivers license picture as well as all those yearbook pictures... hmm...

Monday, September 13, 2010


I am currently in a Chronic Disease Prevention class. We read a lot about how what we eat and how much we exercise now will help prevent chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Eating right and exercising will help to give us more functional years at the end of our lives, it's called compression morbidity.

Anyway, we have read a LOT of articles about how this is a good idea (to eat right and exercise). In several of the articles they talk about research that has been done on people who live healthy lifestyles. Over half of the articles we have read mention Mormons. They talk about how they don't smoke, they get enough sleep, and they are fairly active and they have more functional years at the end of their lives. I just thought it was really cool that other people outside of the church are recognizing this. It's a pretty cool way to share the gospel. You can live a healthy lifestyle and people will wonder what your 'secret' is, and then you can tell them about the Word of Wisdom and how rather than it being a list of what you can't do, it has given you so much freedom to live your life now. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Am I the only one who thinks
the word restaurant
should actually be spelled

I mean, it just makes more sense.