Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Real Life

Dear Real Life,

I can't believe I'm with you again. It seems like the last 18 months were some sort of dream. It's good to be with you again. Even though my heart longs for my friends in Nebraska, I love being here with my family and old friends. Some highlights from our reunion:

My best friend got married:
My sister Laura waited for me to get home from my mission to get married. She will never know how much this meant to me and I will never be able to pay her back. What a beautiful thing to come home to. And of course, this meant these lovely ladies were there too. How I love my friends. 

I got to take a few pics for my Sister on her wedding day. What a great day

Then I have just been spending time with my wonderful nieces and nephews. Man, I have missed them. 

Baby Abby, I met her for the first time when I got home! 

Spy Training with Landon and Matthew

This is in Elder Watson's office at Ethan Allen. I would always sit on his chair at the Trail Center. I love Elder Watson, he is one of my best friends. 

Played with this girl. Love her. 

My favorite girls playing Barbie games on the iPad. I like to look at all my girl nieces playing together. It reminds me of Sarah, Allison, Courtney, Laura, Kaitlin, and Kayley. So cute. 

Hannah and I had a sewing day. 

Reuniting with some of my sisters from the Trail Center. 

Real life, you've been pretty great. I'm excited for what more you have to offer. 


Sister Proctor
Martha Proctor

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Unknown said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I want you to take some of us! :)