Friday, April 9, 2010


So on Wednesday, Michelle and her kids came with Jared up to campus. It's spring break so they went to the Bean Museum and the Eyring Science Center and what not. Michelle asked me if I wanted to meet them for lunch somewhere, so I went and found them on campus and we went to Carl's Jr. Michelle had coupons for Carl's Jr. so naturally that was the place to go. So, we get there and go into the play place section to eat our food so Heber and Jack could run around while we ate. As we were all eating, I hear "Egh!" come out of Jared's mouth. I look up to see what made him make this noise, and then instantly I gasped an "Uuh!" Then Michelle, wondering what it was looked up and gave a good "Agh!" What was it that was making all of us freak out? Well, the play place cage thing was right next to our table and about a foot away from our table was a tiny little boy. He had his hands up on the cage and his jaw dropped open and his big, big brown eyes staring at us. This little boy looked so much like a monkey that we all were shocked when we saw him. He just sat there and stared at us for a good thirty seconds. Meanwhile, we were all dying laughing because we totally thought it was a monkey when we saw him. He didn't change his expression at all. He just kept staring and then eventually gave an awkward smile and turned away.

I cannot stop laughing about this little kid. Even while writing this, I have had to take a break because I am laughing too hard out loud. The other night, I couldn't fall asleep because I was laying in bed and laughing out loud thinking about the little monkey boy. It's too funny and it just needed to be shared.