Friday, November 14, 2008

My Christmas List

As Christmas is coming upon us very quickly, I decided to make my Christmas list. I probably won't get half of these, but hey, I can dream. In no particular order:
A Sweater Dress

I have ALWAYS loved sweater dresses! They are gorgeous and super flattering. The best ones are from Victoria's Secret, they are usually super expensive, but this one is only 25 dollars!

Crochet Boot Things
Now these can't just be any crochet boot thing, because a lot of them are just the yarn on the top, and so the snow can seep through and drench your socks, HECK NO! I have fallen in love with boots this year, and I think these would be a great addition to my collection.

A Sweet Retro Bike

I have wanted one of these for the longest time. They are super cute (obviously not this color) and way fun. A basket on it would be nice, too.

A great wool pea coat
I already have one, but I'm looking for one that is not so square, and that is longer. I love coats like this, so cute, so classic.

Not only do I want the actual program, but I want to learn how to use it. I love photography and stuff, and then if I could change the pictures around and make them awesome, that would be happy.

A Digital Voice Recorder
I would love to have one of these babies. I could record all of my lectures from class and study with that. AAAnd I need it to record myself to get into the Music Program.
Pearl Earrings
First of all, I don't even have pierced ears, but I want to get them pierced so I can sport a pair of classy pearl earrings. They just complete some outfits.

I hate getting money for Christmas. It makes me feel like I have to use it for something responsible. But, if I could get a LOT of money, that would be awesome. I could pay for tuition, buy my books, get a new wardrobe, maybe a car... it would be great

Well, that is my Christmas list. What are some of the things on your Christmas Wish list?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning on my way up to campus, I saw something happening that I had done once before. What was it? You may ask. Well, I'll tell you. I saw a girl riding her bike this pleasant morning, and since it was so pleasant, she didn't need her coat. So she took her coat off and held onto it with her hand, while holding onto the handle bars of the bike. Immediately, I remembered a time in the third grade where I had done the exact same thing riding home from school. It was way too hot in the afternoon to wear a coat, so I took it off. The only way I could even think about carrying my coat was with my hand on the handlebars. Well, unfortunately whilst riding my bike, the coat would swing back and forth. At one point it swung so fast that it went right into the spokes of my front wheel. Yes, you can imagine what happened next. My front wheel stopped turning, thus causing me to do a complete front flip on my bike (p.s. can you imagine how funny this would have been for people watching it? When I get to heaven, this is one of the parts I am going to watch over and over on my life video). I landed face first in the gravel. It roughed me up quite a bit as I had scraped the entire left side of my face with gravel. It was not a fun experience, but looking back, it sure is funny.

Anyway, I remembered that great story this morning with that girl. Hopefully, her fate was not the same as mine. Let this be a warning to you all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new jammies

These are my new pajamas. I found them in the little girl section at Target, coming in at a steal of a deal worth 12.99. Why do I love these pajamas so much, you may ask? I'll tell you why...
1. They make me feel like a little kid again. When I zip them up, I still lift my chin up so I don't zip up my neck. That was always the worst when that would happen.
2. They are ridiculously warm
3. They have built in socks! I love it because the feet are really loose, and so unlike socks that I end up taking off in the night because they are too tight or too loose and they fall off, these babies stay on and keep my feet nice and toasty.
4. They are flame resistant. Who likes dealing with pajamas that are on fire? Not me.
5. When you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, are you cold? NO! You are still wearing a fleece blanket!
6. They are Christmas pajamas. Who DOESN'T love Christmas pajamas?
7. Now Laura, Sarah and I all have Christmas footie pajamas.

Needless to say, this is probably the best 12.99 I have ever spent.