Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, this year I am a little bit sad that I don't get to pack up my stuff and move home for the weekend- seeing as I already live at home. It's always such a nice break to get away from roommates/Provo during that time. But, I've had that nice break for the past 6 months, sooo I shouldn't complain. I have a lot to be thankful for, here are just a few things:
I'm grateful...
.for my family
.for my friends
.for the gospel
.that sarah came to visit
.for reuniting with long lost friends through fakesgiving
.i have a car
.i have done really well this semester
.i haven't been to class since last tuesday. whoops! i was sick. but still, a nice break.
.i got a raise at work
.there is a farkle app for my ipod
.i am just about done listening to HP 7
.i have the cutest nieces and nephews
.i didn't have to plan a ward week-night activity for the past two weeks
.that ward council got changed to 12:30 instead of 8:30. hallelujah.
.people 'like' when darrell and i post funny things on each others walls
.people read this blog (even though they don't comment... cough cough)
.i have a great job, and i am getting promoted
.i have 4 wheel drive and seat heaters
.i have a dad who fixes my car
.i am not living paycheck to paycheck
.that putting vitamin e on my face at night is making me not break out so much
.for reuniting with people and picking up right where you left off
. for late night talks with sarah
.the gym i go to has individual tv's so i don't have to worry about being judged for watching jerseylicious and hannah montana
.that people think i am funny
.my mom taught me to sew
.my mom makes me dinner, and doesn't get mad at me when i complain because i have to clean it up
.i can cook. pretty darn well.
.i get to go to the temple
.i can play the piano
.for my body. and learning more about bodies this semester
.for my urethral sphincters-this was joke in my anatomy lab, but i really am, we would pee our pants if they didn't work
.for electric blankets, it's the best thing that has ever happened to my sleep
.for good dreams
.for phone calls with sisters and brothers
.that jared has a girlfriend who makes him super happy
.that tonight is makeover week on biggest loser
.that i am not big enough to be on biggest loser :)
.for comfy grandma socks
.for my hot chocolate thermos that keeps me warm on my way to school
.for hugs
.for christmas music
.for making things
.for blog-stalking
.for good movies on netflix
.for the gift of gratitude

Well, that's my very short and condensed list of some of the things I have to be grateful for. Take a minute this week to stop and think of what you have to be grateful for, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 5, 2010

So Ashamed

So, tonight I went to IHOP with Laura and my parents. I know, living the dream. When we got there, we got our table and then I ran to the bathroom. Luckily, I had been to this IHOP before in high school, so I knew where the bathroom was and didn't have to ask the waiter.

I walk into the bathroom and I see that people have carved stuff in the stalls. There was one that said "The South will rise again." Kind of weird. And then another that said "I love Abby." Sick. Some weirdo lesbian girl had to proclaim her love on a bathroom stall. How romantic. As I leave, that's when the shock hits.

There is a young boy at a urinal. WHAT THE? How did I not see the urinal when I came in!? AHHHH! Quickly wash my hands and make sure that boy doesn't see me. Open the door, see the door across the hall with the WOMEN'S sign, and then complete the walk of shame as I leave the Men's restroom. There are tables right outside of the bathroom and so I made sure to not make eye contact with anyone. I tried my hardest not to bust up laughing on my way back to the table. Once I get there, I explode with laughter and tell my family. Immediately after, my Dad pulls out his cell phone and starts telling everyone. So SO SOOO embarrassing.

On a completely unrelated note: Do you see that link up at the top of my blog list? Well, I have another blog. A money blog. And it will only work if people actually look at it. Although, I do understand if you want to pretend that you don't know me for a while, I did go into the Men's room after all.

P.S. I google imaged "ashamed" and I found a picture that I thought portrayed exactly how I felt. It was a guy hiding in a corner, ashamed. But, then it looked way too much like a guy standing at a urinal. And I didn't want that again.