Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Jimmer

Dear Jimmer,
I just wanted to say great game today! I didn't watch it... but it's all over facebook. Mostly, I just wanted to thank you for the dream date (dream where you went on a date with someone) the other night. 

I had no idea you were my friends roommate! I was so excited when I came over to watch a movie with him and I saw you! You were so quiet and shy. I liked that. Then you finally broke out of your shell to teach me how to play chess. I had never played before that, and I hope that you can teach me more often. 

I had a great time! I'm not so sure that it was as good as my date with Micheal Phelps, but it was definitely up there! Anyway, thanks for taking this picture with me

Let's get together soon. We do go to the same school you know. 

Martha Proctor 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Baby Ella

Dear Baby Ella,

You are the sweetest little thing. I'm excited to have you in our family. You don't even spit up. I like that a lot. Thanks for being my model for my first try at newborn photography. 

You are beautiful, and always will be. 
Your Auntie Martha

P.S. Blogger ruins the quality of the pictures I post. The original picture is way better. But you are still adorable, no matter what. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Old Blog

Dear old blog,
It's not you.
It's me. 

I'm sorry I let you go.
But, we started when I was a Freshman.
And now I'm a Senior.
It was time.

Plus, I really like writing posts letter-style. 

And, let's be honest,
I had the quote from That Thing You Do
wrong the whole time.
It was
'I led you here skitch, for I am spartacus.'
I was just too lazy to change it. 

I look forward to my new blog.
I hope we can still be friends. 


Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentines Day.

The last time I had a Valentine
on Valentines Day,
I was in the 7th grade.

My super mature 
(pronounced matooor, not matchure)
8th grade boyfriend 
gave me a rose
and chocolates
and one of those poems with your name
.... You get the idea.

It was so romantic. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Look what finally came to Netflix...

This looks too good. 


What the heck?! 
Who came up with this?

I'm pretty sure if I had to watch that man
-in that costume-
for an hour and a half,
I would never sleep again. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You are my comfort slacks

Sometimes life is really great. Sometimes I get to live with my best friend for almost two years. And sometimes best friends go on missions. Sarah went into the MTC this last Wednesday to get ready to go to Chile. This caused me to reminisce a lot about all the fun we had over the past few years...  

Sarah is more than my best friend, she's my cousin too. Because of that we have 21+ years of good times. Here are just a few. 
Mopeds in Hawaii!
One time, when we shared a room, we tried to learn the dance to "Thriller." There was about 3 square feet for the both of us. We didn't get very far... 

The midnight release for Breaking Dawn- too bad that turned out to be a total bust. 
 We made a TON of music videos using photobooth. We were so weird when we were together, but we had so much fun. I tried posting one on here, but it didn't work. That's probably for the best if I plan on ever making new friends. 
Midnight release of HSM 3
One time I had to go to the dentist, so she took me. Afterwards we were meeting our friends to go to a Lacrosse game, so we bought treats. I had been craving gummy bears like crazy, so she bought me some. I tried eating one with a numb mouth. I instantly started panicking because I couldn't tell whether I was chewing the gummy bear or my tongue. Then it just slipped right out of my mouth (the bear, not my tongue) and onto my lap. Sarah was laughing SO hard. 

Waiting OUTSIDE in November for the midnight release of Twilight. We were freezing.

 We loved going for bike rides after we bought our beach cruisers. One time we went on a road that had a ton of trees covering it. Sarah started freaking out because there was something on her forehead that was warm. After looking at her finger, she realized it was bird poop. She started panicking and rode over to a nearby tree to get a leaf to wipe it off within. In the meantime, I am hunched over my bike laughing so hard I can't breathe. I can only imagine what the people walking past us were thinking. 
When she beat Darrell at the eating contest. She downed 7 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. I have never been more proud. 
 One time we both had a crush on the same boy. Robby. It was bad. We got in a lot of fights because of him. Eventually my crush faded out, and many moons later, Sarah's did too. We decided to never have a crush on the same boy, it wasn't worth it.
Driving to Arizona to make our flight to Hawaii. There was a major traffic jam. Naturally, this is the first pose she thought of. 
 One time, we went to Walmart to get stuff for dinner. We got pasta-roni, and since strawberries were in season, we got some and some cream to put them in. While our pastaroni was cooking, we decided to have strawberries and cream. We split it equally between the two of us. We were STUFFED. We found out 2 minutes later that all the cream we had each eaten was about 700 calories. Needless to say, that pastaroni never made it to our mouths. 
This was the second one. 
 Whenever we would drive in the car we would BELT the songs that were playing on the radio. Then when it was over, we would just carry on our normal conversation. 
Look closely and you will see that I am flashing "Live Long and Prosper." We were pretty obsessed with Star Trek that Summer. 
 Once we were driving, and she was telling me about something having to do with kissing. She was trying to explain to me how someone had kissed someone or something like that I don't remember. But she was like, it wasn't just a peck, it was like THIS. And then she kissed her hand to show a really long awkward kiss. Well, at this point, we were at a stop light and I look over and I see our next door neighbor Kwai-Lin watching Sarah make out with her hand. It was HILARIOUS. 
At the PCC
 We had a nightly ritual where I would take a shower while she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. We would just talk over the day or anything we really wanted to. It's one of my favorite memories. 
Our last night in Hawaii
 Any time I watch Flight of the Concords, I will think of her. 
We found these for 5 dollars at Walmart, we couldn't NOT buy them.  Both of us had "Back in Black" for the each others ringtone.
 We would always talk to each other in different accents. Sarah is pro at speaking in accents. When I moved home, Jared kept asking me why I kept talking like a Russian or a Mexican. 
Going all the way up to Ikea just for the 2 dollar hot dogs. 
 Whenever we would go out to dinner, she would always tell us how much she was going to tip.
Dressing up for the HP 6 Midnight Release.
 Summer days spent swimming or laying out in the front yard. 
We went up to SLC to stroll the streets and get "culture." In the end we just went to all the Church stuff. It turns out that is way cooler, and there aren't creepy people haha. 
 She loved Christmas just as much as I did. We spent way too much money on decorations for our house. Almost every night we would drive around to see Christmas lights on all the houses in Provo. 
She had a huge crush on the boy next to her, and I had a huge crush on the boy next to me. It was the perfect plan. We could have boyfriends, and we could still hang out all the time. Haha, if only they thought the same thing ;) And then there is Andrea, who encompasses sooo many good memories. 
 The Hawaiian-English dictionary she would always pull out. 
Chinese Nativity at Temple Square
 One time she dyed a strip of my bangs purple. That was pretty cool. 
Midnight release for HP 7
 She gives Styx a run for their money with her rendition of "Mr. Roboto."
Midnight release for Eclipse
All the nights we spent video chatting with Garrett.  
Roommate family picture
 One time she heard that orange peels were good for you. So she ate them. A ton of them. So sick. 
We have a picture like this from when we are like 8 or 9. So before she moved back to Oregon, we wanted to recreate it. 
Last march we went to a bunch of different malls and tried on Prom dresses. It was ridiculous. But so fun.  
Day before she moved to Oregon

We went tanning a few times. It was the best way to feel warm in the Winter. 

We sent out a Christmas card to all our ward. It had pictures of us, and what we all had done that year, hahaha. 
 I am so ashamed to say this, but when we shared a room, Sarah found a TON of Zac Efron pictures and we put them up on our wall. Then, when we decided to move on, we hid them in random places in the boys house next door. They were finding those pictures for months. 

I LOOOVE this pic of us. We were boogie boarding at Waiamea Bay in Hawaii. The waves were HUGE. I'm talking like 15 feet. We only did about two until we felt like we might die. It was so much fun. 
 Like most roommates, we had a lot of great late night talks about the gospel or life in general. Really loved those. 
Roommate picture 2
I'm gonna miss being able to text her funny stories or quotes from movies. I'm gonna miss calling her to try to figure out my life. It seems like she knows me the best out of anyone and helps me stay level headed. Oh well, there's still letters, right? 
We're hot. 
 We always wanted to travel. Our first plan was to go on an Art History tour through Europe. Then it switched to a Humanitarian thing in Uganda. Then Mexico. Then Fiji. Maybe someday we can check one of those off. 
The night before she went into the MTC she came to visit. Our last pic together for 18 months!

 We are inseparable whenever we get together.  We were nervous, though, that because we were joined at the hip we would never make new friends or get boyfriends :). We were talking about how we were each other security blanket, but instead we said that the other person was our comfort slacks-hence the name of the post (comfort slacks are really comfy sweats that are only 5 dollars at Target. The term comfort slacks was coined by Meldy. Her idea came from the SNL Target video that we fell in love with).

I already miss her, but I know she is going to be a great missionary. I will try to get along for the next 18 months without her being my "comfort slacks."