Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Go Girls

Every morning, I wake up to this song...

Since it's the first thing I hear every morning,
it gets stuck in my head a lot. 
However, there is a problem.
(I know you're asking how could there be a problem when you sing this masterpiece in your head all day long?)

The problem is:
I am terrible at singing the right lyrics. 

Here are a few of my favorite portions 
of my version of the song in red
and the real version in black: 

no inhibitions make no commissions 
No inhibitions--make no conditions
Get a little out of line
Get a little outta line
ain't gonna ask a libllee collect...
I ain't gonna act politically correct

(I know libllee collect doesn't mean anything. But, it's the best I could come up with in the moment of singing. Plus, she does not have the best diction. haha)

the best thing about being a woman 
The best thing about being a woman
is the perogative to have good fun and
Is the prerogative to have a little fun and...
(Obviously a misspell of prerogative, but I thought I was making that word up! I was surprised that I was remotely correct with that one)

oh ah ah ooh beating a wild yeah you and that in sky
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild--yeah, doin' it in style

comb of my hair do of the dare

Color my hair--do what I dare

weed o weed o wance we only wanna dance
We don't need romance--we only wanna dance

(weed o weed o wance?? YOU try figuring out what she's saying without seeing the lyrics!)

Haha. I love it. 
I'll have to share some more 
of my genius lyrics with you in the future.
Look forward to my version of
Single Ladies. 
It's too good. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Letters: Take two.

Dear T-Mobile,
Just get the iPhone already. Verizon did it. Why can't you?
I love technology. 
Not as much as you, you see.
But I still love technology.

Dear Japanese Cherry Tree Blossoms,
I think I might have started drooling when I heard about you. How could I not...

I've been thinking that I want to learn how to paint, and I think you are the perfect candidate for my first attempt.
Hoping to see you in real life someday. 

Dear Physiology,
I'm kind of wishing I would have paid better attention in High School. Logs. Meiosis. Mitosis. Translation. Transcription. 
I got an A in anatomy, that should count for something, right?

Dear Shy Martha,
Where the heck did you come from? 
You used to be super outgoing, and even flirty, from the beginning. People called you outspoken. Ebullient even. 
 Zestfully enthusiastic.
joyously unrestrained
overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement

Get over yourself, Thanks. 

Dear Summer,
Where exactly is it you are wanting me?
Provo or Highland?
If you could decide soon, that'd be great. Thanks.
Hate looking for housing. 

Dear Sundance Film Festival,
Kind of wish I could get to know you this year. 
I plan on going sometime in my life.
I'll just have my own film festival.
I plan on watching a bunch of independent movies on Netflix. 
Wanting some culture,

Dear warmish weather,
I love you. 
Can't wait to join you with my bike soon. 
I want to ride my bicycle. 

Dear Midway Ice Castles,
Kind of hoping to meet you very soon. 
You kind of look magical. 
Could use some magic,

Dear Hall and Oates,
No, You make MY dreams come true.
So what if I listen to you on repeat?

Dear Tuesday Thursday 9:00 2nd block class,
Sorry I dropped you without even giving you a chance. 
I am just really sick of waking up early. 
And I hate the idea of waking up at 7 M-Th. 
We'll meet again.
We kind of have to if I plan on graduating. 
my comfy bed more than you. 

Dear blog, 
I think about you a lot. 
I have so many ideas for blog posts.
I promise to try better. 
Pretending to be too busy. 

Dear Sewing,
I kind of missed you.
And I kind of like you. 
Circle YES or no if you like me.

Dear Future Boyfriend/Husband:
What the heck am I gonna do when I find out 
my Dad is the only male that likes watching 
Pride and Prejudice?
Watched 3 versions with him this weekend. 
P.S. I'll cut you a deal and watch sports or something. 

I don't know why I didn't think of you before.
But you have it. 
My favorite perfume.
It's been discontinued.
And I haven't had it for years. 
But it was only 8 dollars instead of 40. 
Smelling good. 

Dear Roadtrip,
Let's get together.
Looking to be warm again. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


On the first of January, we took a bunch of the nieces and nephews sledding. It was a lot of fun. When we were done we came back and had homemade cocoa and toast. Apparently I'm really good at making toast, because when I gave it to Jack he said, "MMMM! Yummy toast, Barta!" It was super cute. 

I just got done editing a bunch of pictures from this day, and here are a few that I love. 

Heber's face looks so funny in this one. I love it. 

I love all the pictures of Hannah and Jake. I think they are so sweet. I would have loved to have pictures like this with my Dad from when I was little. 

Boat pose in Pilates. Apparently that's how I sled. 

Zoom in to Jack's Face. He is IN HEAVEN in this picture. He's sledding. He's with Isaac. Nothing could be better. 

Jared's sweet sweet hat

Love Hannah's face. 


The Collision 

Jack in Jared's EWOK hat. 


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1280 x 1024

New Years Resolutions:

1.No fast food. All year long. This includes road trips. No, I do not count Subway-that food is actually real.

2. Make a monthly budget, and live by it. You may remember my money blog. It was effective, but really annoying to update. I use now and it is SUPER helpful.

3. When I have something nice to say, say it. Sometimes someone will give a really good talk in church, or has affected me in some way and I chicken out on telling them. Not this year. 

4. Go to ward prayer. I have been in the ward since May and never gone. I think it's time I start making friends in Highland. I went two days ago and had a lot of fun. 

5. YOGA. In Provo, Meldy, Sar and I would go every Monday night and every Saturday morning for an hour. There is no reason I can't do that now. 

6. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. This wasn't hard for me to do in Provo because my roommates would go and we had no TV. I waste way too much time watching TV or sitting at the computer. I can still watch TV and exercise at the same time!

7. Once my real classes start (today all I had was ice skating) I can only get on Facebook on the weekends. I did this last Winter semester and it worked like a charm. 

8. I am not allowed to pretend to be on the phone when I see someone on campus. 

9. When I am invited to things, GO! I really don't mind chilling at home on a Friday night, but I need friends, so I am going to go to things that I am invited to, rather than take the option of staying home alone. Obviously, I can't go to every single thing, but if the other option is hanging out in my room-I have to go. 

10. Go to the temple at least 2 times a month.

11. Go to my meetings. Even my 7 am Stake meeting where I don't say anything.

I love New Years, it's my favorite Holiday (second to Christmas, of course). I like making goals. I like fresh starts. 

Two years ago, on New Years Day I found out for the second time that I was not accepted into the Music Ed program. A pretty crappy way to start off the New Year, but a few weeks later Jeffrey R. Holland came to a BYU and gave this devotional. If you haven't read it before, read it. If you have, read it again. It helped me a lot through the struggles I was having. It's the perfect talk to listen to to get you motivated to move on and change for the better. 

Happy 2011.