Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 Hi Family!!!

Christmas is in full swing!!! The smell of Gingerbread is coming up through the stairs and the Trail Center is all decked out for Christmas, as you can see from the pictures. So fun!!

I'm excited for Jared to be a Zone Leader! He's getting called to be one just as I'm getting released! More than likely next transfer I will no longer be a TC Leader and Sis. Arnold and I won't be companions. Which is super sad, but I know it will be great nonetheless.

I hope you got the package with the quilt today. Don't worry about giving that CD to Claudia, she already gave us everything that we need! Pretty cool!

Last Tuesday on Election day, no one came in. So we watched the election results on one of the Senior Sisters iPads. It was stressful. Then at like 1020 that night, both her and Elder Watson called me to let me know the final result. Crazy crazy. We spent that day and the next day in the Trail Center. Then on Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was SO good! We read over Elder Bednar's talk from this last Conference called "Converted unto the Lord." It was seriously SOOO good! The difference between a testimony and conversion is so crucial. We all left wanting to become even more converted to the gospel. On Friday we got to go to the temple (this was one spiritually packed week!), it was so great. The temple just got done being remodeled and it was so good be be there again. The next time I go there will be when Steve from Millard goes through the temple and then on January 3. WEIRD. I'm excited to go there with Steve. What a wonderful blessing. On Sunday, guess who came to the Trail Center-- the KMIECIKS!!!! They were that awesome convert couple in Millard who I spent so much time with, even Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, they were driving the Millard Sisters to the Trail Center from Church and they wanted to come in to see if I was there and I was! It was so good to see them again! They were baptized just a week before I got into Millard and so they felt like my recent converts. This last August they went to Utah and went through the temple and were sealed!!! It was so great! They said they loved it! Then we watched God's Plan for Happiness with them, which was so great. They are so on fire with the gospel still. They said that this month they have already gone to the temple 3 times. Oh how I love them!

Well, this week will be crazy. This Saturday we start our first Christmas performance at the Gingerbread Festival, then on Monday we have one at one of the Malls. Nuts! Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!!! Last Monday, the Seniors had their monthly Senior Dinner. They always have a musical number and a bunch of the Senior Elders got together to do a Barbershop Quartet, but alas in their older age none of them could hit any of the high notes, so they needed a tenor. And who was the lucky one who got recruited?! ME. hahahaha So funny. It was total social suicide. I have a video of it and I will show it to you when I get home. They said it was a Barbershop Trio with a Beautician. hahaha It was so funny.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week! I can't believe that Laura is going to ITALY!!! I couldn't be more jealous.

I can't believe you got so much snow! We haven't gotten ANYTHING!!!! But, it is freezing now. Yikes.

Oh yeah, so I know Michelle expressed interest, but I am wondering if anyone else would like me to get Christmas presents for their kids? I was thinking it would be fun to tell them on Skype that Santa left some presents for them in Nebraska... anyway, think about it and let me know.

Well, I love you all. Read the talk from Elder Bednar. Know that I love you and that I love this mission!

Sister Proctor

Monday, November 5, 2012

We're the Missionaries, We can Help!!

 Hello Family,

First off, Sister Jasper says Hi. And she would like to thank you for giving her the greatest gift-- me.  Hahahah she is hilarious. I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I loved the pictures! We had a fun Halloween here too. It started off with Sister Arnold making Halloween shaped pancakes.

There is a picture of them- you can't even tell what they are, but it was really fun. Also, the day before we found PUMPKIN PIE PRINGLES!

They are actually pretty good. Then w worked all day in the Trail Center until we closed at 5. No one came in and we got pretty restless from eating a lot of candy, so we dressed up like pioneers and learned how to lasso from one of the sisters here who used to work on her ranch. Then I showed them how to hog-tie because I have seen Dad do it to Jared so many times hahaha. It was great.
Then we had a big dinner with all the senior couples, then we made a Christmas craft to send to you. It's pretty good, you'll love it. Then we watched the Errand of Angels- remember that movie? I never wanted to watch it before my mission because it was about Sister Missionaries, but once I came on a mission I totally wanted to see it hahaha. Anyway, it was pretty funny/ very dramatic but fun. Then the rest of the week, we drove out to Wahoo, NE to pick up some sisters out there to take them to the doctor, worked in the clinic, had Zone Leader Council.

Then we went to dinner at a members house and they have a German exchange student there and so we taught her about the Book of Mormon and even had her read a German BOM. It was awesome! We even tried reading it... hahah it was funny. Anyway, the members she was with sent her on the plane with her own copy. Pretty cool. Then we went and taught some Less-Actives. They are really working hard to go back to the temple. It was a really powerful lesson, and then on Sunday the wife got up and bore her testimony about the Priesthood, that was pretty awesome.

The rest of the week was spent working in the Trail Center, with the exception of the night that our one investigator dropped us. That wasn't very fun, but the good thing about people dropping you is that God has prepared even more people for you to find.

On Saturday at training Sis Arnold and I performed a song we had figured out the night before. I sang "Heavenly Father loves me" while she accompanied on the ukulele. It was fun and really cute. We got a video of it that I will have to show you.

This morning we went and raked leaves for our Bishop. It is freezing outside. I'm surprised it hasn't snowed yet, it is really gray and cloudy and just looks like it's ready to dump on us. I can't believe it's November.


Well, I'm glad that Fakesgiving was a success. I was telling Sister Arnold this morning about that awesome Turkey recipe of Michelle's. haha. When I asked her in comp study what she learned in personal study, she said she learned a lot about turkey recipes hahah ooops.

Do you like that picture I sent you? We found a sign that said "We can help" and we couldn't resist it. (you can't resist this, you can try to, but it ain't gonna happen!) -- that was for Laura.  Anyway, we were laughing.

Well, things are going swimmingly. We are about to start the Gingerbread Festival and then we'll have Thanksgiving which I'm super excited for. I am still being incredibly spoiled by all of the Senior Couples here. They love us all so much and I am grateful for them.

I am spoiled by all of you. Thank you for your love and your support. I know I say that every week, but that is because I FEEL it every day, so thank you!

I'm excited to hear from all of you next week!
Sister Proctor

P.S. I LOVE that Christmas music is playing on the radio! That's the best!