Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Photos

Two weeks ago, Michelle and Casey let me use them as guinea pigs to take family photos. It's something I have been really interested in and I had a blast doing it. For some reason when I posted them here they lost some of the quality, but oh well. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from each family.

Love the picture of these 3.

SOO sweet! I love this.

I could not stop laughing when I was editing this picture. Eve is just so darn cute.

Michelle and Brian's Family

Matthew refused to smile in most of the pictures, but I LOOOVE this picture of him. He has the darkest brown eyes ever and he is just adorable.

Casey and Clint's cute family in my friend Kylar's backyard (Thanks again Ky!!).

The barn.

Again with Matthew's gorgeous eyes.

Landon looks so cute in this picture, I love it.

So much fun. I had a blast taking these and then playing around with them in Photoshop. It's a good thing I have ADORABLE nieces and nephews to take pictures of! Thanks again Michelle and Casey!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I found this, and love it.

"HARRY: What's wrong, miss?
BELLA: Everything! My life is horrible.
HARRY: Are you crying because your parents were killed trying to save you?
BELLA: No. But my parents got divorced and now my dad can't make dinner for himself. So it's kind of the same thing.
HARRY: Are you upset because every father figure you've had was murdered?
BELLA: No. But this one time I fell down playing volleyball. So I know what that feels like.
HARRY: Did you spend your childhood unloved, living in a closet?
BELLA: No. My parents love me, and everyone I ever met adores me.
HARRY: Are you sad because you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and if you mess up even a little bit, millions of people will die?
BELLA: No. I'm sad because I married the man of my dreams, a modern day Prince Charming who is wealthy, strong, and gorgeous.
BELLA: But wait. It gets worse. I also have strong feelings for this other guy.
HARRY: Relationships are tough. I liked this one girl who already had a boyfriend, and then I witnessed her boyfriend's murder. It made things awkward.
BELLA: You don't understand.
HARRY: Guess not. But here's something I do understand. Stupefy!"

-Dan Bergstein

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I played around on Photoshop for the first time. Mostly it was just clicking on things and once it would do something that I liked, I would keep it. By the end I kind of got the hang of it. Anyway, I'm super excited because I have always wanted to learn and now I'm getting around to it! Also, I am going to be taking family pictures for Michelle and Casey this weekend, and I'm excited to be able to edit the pictures! Anyway, this is just a fun photo of my gorgeous niece Eve.

Get excited to see the family photos from this weekend!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Dear Netflix,

Once you put up Season 4 of Say Yes to the Dress on watch instantly, I was hooked. I finished the season in about two days. Ever since then I had hoped and hoped that you would add the other seasons. They day has finally come. I am very grateful.

Much love,