Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alma 56:56

Hi Family!
Another great week has gone by. It has been a sad week since it's been President and Sister Kunz's last week. President and Sister Weston will arrive on Friday. It will be interesting, but definitely good. The worst part of missions is saying goodbye to the people you love. It starts from the very first day at the MTC, then you just keeping saying goodbye over and over again. I don't like it :). but it's OK. You just find more people to love and you stay in contact with those that you said goodbye to.

Tuesday: I had meetings for Trail Center Leader stuff and then we had our P-day. It was a good day.

Wednesday: We had our very last training from President and Sister Kunz. It was heartbreaking. They had a few of us sing "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again." Man, I hate that song hahaha. I was bawling like a baby. It was incredible though. Just like the prophets in the Book of Mormon give their best testimonies at the ends of their chapters, President and Sister Kunz left us with such a wonderful training filled with the Spirit. I am so grateful for their friendship and for their love. They have had such a huge impact on my life. I am grateful that I was able to serve with them.

Thursday: As a TC Leader, we go out on more exchanges. So, I went with Sister Arnold to the Ralston area. It was a lot of fun. I love Sister Arnold. We found a lot of great people to teach. Missionary work is the best! She also goes to Utah State, so she talked to me about that a lot. We'll see when I get home what my plans are for my future. But, I could live with her, and that would be the funnest thing of my life.

Friday: Sister Belka and I were together to plan out more stuff for the Trail Center. It was a good night. Also, Sister Graham was following up with some people that we had chatted with last December, and one of the girls got baptized!! Incredible! I am so grateful for my calling as a missionary here in NOM and at the TC. We get to teach people in Nebraska, and then teach people in the TC who come from all over the world, and then teach people over chat who are also from all over the world. This girl that got baptized is from England and is going to a boarding school in Hyde Park. What a cool mission!!!

Saturday: We were driving out to go and teach someone, and on our way, we saw some people that we had tracted into, that ended up coming to the TC, well when we saw them this time, we invited them to the concert we were having the next night. It just worked out so perfectly. I love how Heavenly Father plans out everything so that everyone gets several opportunities to learn more about the gospel-they ended up coming, too!

Sunday: We had another concert! The Stakes in this area have scheduled all of us to come and do these musical firesides. I sang a solo called "Emma" from "Joseph: a Nashville Tribute". I played the piano for the Angels song and Sister Graham sang. Then I conducted a choir for a song called God was there. Then I sang with Sis. Atkin the song All is Well with Sis. Belka on the guitar. It was a lot of fun. The best part was that so many people from Millard were there!!! I got to see the Kmieciks which was such a tender mercy. I love them so much!!!! They are scheduled to get sealed on August 16th in the SLC temple. I'm so excited for them. I wish I could be there. Bro. Kmiecik said that during the concert, he looked at Sister Graham and I and had seen how much we have grown and changed for the better. It was so sweet of him. I was so happy to hear that. Sometimes, as a missionary, you get worried that you are changing enough or that you are holding on to the person that you were before. So, I am so grateful that he said that.

Also that night, the temple matron, Sister Schoeff, who has become one of my best friends was talking to me. She was talking more about the tour that Sis. Belka and I gave to all of them when Elder Snow was here. She said that later they were talking about it and that Elder Snow, who has been going to all of the visitors centers, said that every tour he has gotten has been a canned presentation, except for the one here. He said he could feel our spirits. What a compliment. Again, did I mention that I love my calling as a missionary?!

My heart is so full of joy. Last night, as I was praying, I was reading my favorite scripture to Heavenly Father. Alma 26:16. I told Him that I felt just like Ammon. And I understand how Ammon felt more and more everyday. What an incredible Father in Heaven we all have. I am so grateful for His love and for His plan for each one of us. I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.

1- Every week, we get an unexpected treat. This is what I got last P-day. They are actually surprisingly good. But remember "If loving hot dogs is wrong, I don't want to be right." They mostly just take like ketchup and mustard chips.

2- This hangs by my bed. It's the last thing I see every night. It covers up the breaker switchy thing

3- Sister Arnold and I on exchanges

4- Me with President and Sister Kunz. Oh, how I will miss them.

5- After our concert last night, we had a surprise party for Sister Arnold.

6-Me with Sister Arnold on her birthday

7- Sister Arnold with the Avengers stuff I got for my birthday. She LOVED it. So, Thanks!

Well, I've got to write my last letter to President Kunz. I hope you all have a great week. Know that I love you, and I am so grateful for your prayers. They have been felt. Be good and I'm excited to hear from you next week!

Sister Proctor

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello Family!
This week has been 100% INSANE.
On Monday we had P-day, then we cleaned our apartment for our inspections. Then on
Tuesday: We had a Trail Center Leader meeting and Sister Belka and I had prayed for opportunities to talk with the sisters about their concerns-and have it be a natural thing. And an hour after that prayer, two of the sisters came up to me and said they wanted to talk. It was amazing. Heavenly Father is so good at answering prayers.
Wednesday: We had district meeting then had to come back and finish cleaning our apartment. This is the night I shattered the fridge shelf. That was special. 
Thursday: I went to the Mission home and helped President Kunz with more computer/iPhone stuff, then went to the TC. Sister Belka and I did the same thing we did lats week where we were stationed in the memorial room for a 5 group youth conference tour. It was really cool.  
Friday: I woke up and opened presents, had breakfast, went and helped Pres. Kunz some more, then I helped some sisters clean their apartment, then we got to go to the temple! It was so great! One day shy of my 1 year mark of going through the temple. It was incredible. I love the temple. Then, I went to Applebees with Sisters Rhoades, Graham and Bergeson. Birthdays on missions are so great! Everyone says the absolute nicest things about you and there is so much love. It was a really special day.
Saturday: Sister Belka and I got to take Elder Snow on tour. What an incredible opportunity. The Spirit was so strong and I was so proud to be a missionary in the Trail Center. Amazing. Also, another tour that I took that day, I asked him when He had felt His Savior's love for him and he said when he had gone through to get his endowments and all of his family was there waiting for him in the celestial room. That was so sweet because that same thing happened exactly one year earlier to me. It was such a sweet reminder of that incredible experience and how grateful I am for the temple.
Sunday: We found a new investigator who is incredible (fyi we had 4 hours in our area that week.... insaneeee) It was great to be able to go out teaching.
Monday: We served in the Trail Center all day long. Also, on Thursday morning, Elder Watson had a mini-stroke and was in the hospital overnight. He came to training on Saturday morning, but seemed a little weird still, and then the same thing happened again on Saturday afternoon, and so he stayed in the hospital until Sunday night. Then on Monday, I got to go up to his house and see him. He was doing much better. They think it's related to exhaustion since he has sleep apnea. But it has been a rough couple of days with our wonderful leader not being able to do everything that he wants to do. I am so grateful for him and for his friendship. This morning we had a TC leader meeting and we brought him and Sister Watson breakfast. It was really sweet. I love those two so much. Please keep them in your prayers.
So, besides only having 4 hours in our area this week, things are going great! I'm glad to hear that things are going well at home, minus the bed rest and the blown out knees! haha. I hope both Laura and Michelle get better soon!
I hope that things keep going great. Thank you so much for all of the birthday presents, I loved them! Lars, the avengers stuff wasn't up because they decorated before I opened up the package. But, it is Sister Arnolds birthday on Sunday, and I'm totally going to use it for her bday. She is going to freak out. And Casey, your birthday banner came in handy for Sister Coat's birthday:) It's funny because the avengers one is perfect for Sis. Arnold, and the one Casey sent was totally Sister Coat's style. It's like you knew!! Very awesome.
Well family, I sure do love you. Can you believe Sarah will be home in like a month and a half!? What the heck! Anyway, back to me telling you that I love you, I do :) I hope your week is great and I can't wait to hear from you again!
Sister Proctor
1- This is another good use of the missionary library books that other missionaries leave behind. We have used them for bed risers :)
2- This is shattered glass all over the sink in our apartment. I was cleaning the shelf from the fridge, which was really cold, and the water was really hot, and well, it just dissolved and shattered everywhere. What a nightmare.
3-This is me and Elder Smith. We have been sharing an area for the last 12 weeks, but he was just waiting for his Visa. He finally got it, and this was his last day before he headed to New Zealand
4- Opening up Birthday presents in the morning! Thank you so much everyone for the birthday presents! I LOVED them. Birthdays on the mission are the best!
5- The Sisters decorated at their apartment and we had chocolate cake pancakes :)
6- Sister Rhoades and I at Applebees to celebrate that night. It was her 1 year mark and my 23rd birthday. So fun
7-Sister Belka and I gave Elder Steven E. Snow a tour! He was a former member of the First Presidency of the Seventy and the newly called Church Historian-- No pressure right? It was an incredible experience! His wife, President and Sister Kunz, The Temple President and his wife were also on the tour. How awesome!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Family!

Thank you for all of the Birthday wishes! What a great year 22 has been! It started off with a bang when we all got to go to the temple on June 16th. What an incredible experience that was. And the cool thing is-- we get to go to the temple on my birthday this year! I'm so excited. It will be super great! Happy Birthday to MATTHEW Christensen (not Clint ;) ) Tomorrow! That is so exciting! Also, I'm glad to hear his thumb is still attached ;) I'm not going to lie, when I first read that email from you Case, I pictured Matthew sitting at the Kitchen counter trying to saw his thumb off with a knife and I was super freaked out hahah. I'm glad he is OK.

What a great week this has been. I am so blessed. Heavenly Father loves us so much.

On Tuesday: We had a great P-day and Sis. Hawkes got everything packed up. Then we got to go out and teach! We had a great lesson with our recent convert Tricia and our Ward Missionary, Sister Stetser. It was GREAT! Sister Hawkes and I had such a great time reminiscing about the last 11 months that we have known and loved each other. I am so grateful for her.

Wednesday: We found out our transfer information! Sister Hawkes is getting transferred East---WAY East. I will be staying in Bellevue 2nd and my new companion is Sister Rhoades. She is from Syracuse, Utah. We have been in the same district for the past two transfers. I really like her. She is actually a huge answer to my prayers these last few weeks. She is a phenomenal missionary and I kept telling Heavenly Father that I wanted to be better at the things that she does so well, so He let us be companions. She is incredible. She is so supportive and so great. I also got called to be the new Trail Center Leader. Sister Belka and I are doing it together. It's like being the Assistants at the TC and being a Zone Leader for President Kunz. It's really cool. I'm so grateful to be able to serve all of these Sisters here. It's amazing the love that is magnified when you are called to serve people. I have had several people say they could see a noticeable change in me because of the mantle that is placed on me to fulfill this calling. It's incredible. It's super stressful because we have to make sure everything is running smoothly at the TC, and we are in charge of trainings every week, there's a lot of meetings involved, but I'm so grateful to be able to serve these Sisters and Senior Couples that I love so much. Also, Sister Rhoades has been INCREDIBLE. She is the epitome of support and love. I am so excited for this transfer. It's going to be amazing. Anyway, back to Wednesday night- We had our last night teaching together. It was bittersweet. I love Sister Hawkes. Yes, I did record that performance as well.

Thursday: We went to transfer point, I met up with Sister Rhoades and said goodbye to so many people that I loved. Then we went to the mission home and I helped President and Sister Kunz make movies for our new Mission President who arrives the end of June. They are just 2 more people that I love that I will have to say goodbye to. Missions are full of that. It's hard, but it's always so good to make such good friends who will last my whole life. After we were done there we were on shift at the Trail Center. They had a departing missionary fireside thing that night. They asked Sister Hawkes and I to perform the song Angels. So we did. After it was over, we ran into the hall and gave each other a big hug, told each other that we loved the other and said goodbye. I was so grateful that we were able to perform one last time. It was such an incredible experience.

Friday: Sister Belka and I spent the whole day working on TC Leader stuff. We made the new schedule for the next 6 weeks and did a lot of logistical stuff. Then there was a youth conference with 250+ youth. They were split into 5 groups and Elder Watson asked Sister Belka and I to be at the Memorial for every single one of the tours and to share the story of Amy Porter. It was incredible because each time was different. The Spirit let us know what each group needed. We learned a lot from that experience. Then, some people that Sis. Hawkes and I tracted into a while back came into the TC so I took them on tour! It was awesome! We'll go back and teach them more!!! Then Sister Belka and I stayed up until past midnight to plan for the next day because were were in charge of New Sister Orientation.

Saturday: We had a great NSO. Sister Rhoades and I finally went out to our area and we taught some great lessons.  Then came back and weekly planned.

Sunday: We were in the Trail Center and I got to take some awesome tours. Then we went to church. Then we had dinner at a members house. They both served missions and they were both so on fire, even years after their missions. I was grateful for that. It's so sad to me to see people who served missions and they have lost all of the fire of the gospel. But this family was incredible! It reminded me a lot of this scripture in Alma 5:  26 And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a achange of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the bsong of redeeming love, I would ask, ccan ye feel so now?  When we are serving missions we have this incredible opportunity to serve others and to grow in the gospel. We have had a change of heart and we have the sang the song of redeeming love. But the most important part is continually "singing the song of redeeming love." Missions are just a spring board for the rest of our lives. I am so excited to keep serving others when I return home. I am so excited to continue my gospel studies. It is soooo incredible. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Heavenly Father is so good to us.

1-Throwing away cigarettes that we took from one of our less actives. So satisfying.

2-The missionaries from Bellevue 2nd. Sister Hawkes and Elder Reese went home this last transfer. These missionaries have become some of my best friends. I am so grateful for them.

3-Sis. Atkin and I at Transfer Point

4- My new companion Sister Rhoades!

5-The last picture of Sister Hawkes and Sister Proctor. Our next one will either be Jessie and Sister Proctor or Jessie and Martha. Crazy.

It sounds like things are going well at home. I am so excited about the power washer Dad got!!! We got to use one the other day at a members house and I told her how it has been my dream to have one. I can't wait!!!

Well, I've got to write President Kunz now. I love you all. I'm excited for the B-day packages :) Can't wait to hear from you next week. Be good. Read your scriptures. Remember that I love you.

Sister Proctor

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Way To Go, Hannah!

Hello Family!
It sounds like you had an INCREDIBLE week! Hannah I am so proud of you! Good job! What an amazing thing. I'm glad that you all got to be together so much this weekend. Also, even though it's late, Happy Birthday to Laralee!! I can't think of a better birthday present than having Hannah baptized. How awesome. I want to see pictures!!!
This week has been great for us. Kind of bittersweet. Sister Hawkes will be going home on Friday. Our last day together is tomorrow and I'll get my new companion on Thursday. So weird. It's gonna be crazy to have her gone. We have become such great friends, it's hard to see her go. But, I'm excited for the things that she will get to do at home and for the things I will get to do here! It will be great!
This week:
Tuesday: We went to the Stetsers for lunch (our ward missionary who has been to our house before!). It was a lot of fun. I am so grateful for all of the members here. It makes me really excited to go home and to help the missionaries.
Wednesday: I was just thinking about how I only have one week left with Sister Hawkes. Then I sat down and wrote about how much Heavenly Father knows and loves me. And how He puts people into our lives all the time to help us grow. He also hears and answers our prayers. He also answers the desires of our hearts, even if we haven't fully comprehended that they are our desires. Heavenly Father is so good to all of us.
Thursday: We helped out some members who were moving and then helped out a less-active lady. Then served in the Trail Center. But, during all the cleaning, it was a nice time to reflect on the things that I have learned from my mission and the things that I want to learn. I'm so grateful to be on a mission and to have the opportunity to serve others and Heavenly Father, and to also learn and grow for myself.
Friday: We had one of our investigators come to the Trail Center and watch the Joseph Smith movie. Man, I love that movie. Joseph was a prophet of God. No one can ever take that away from me.
Saturday: Oh my gosh. Get this. So, we taught this awesome family who lives just a couple of houses down from us a few weeks ago, but things have been crazy with school ending and what not, so we haven't been able to teach them again. But this night, we came in at 9 and then our garbage reaked, so we decided to take it out before we planned. So we came upstairs and went through the garage and opened the doors, and right as we were opening up, they were walking up to the driveway and they said they had a few questions and they were wondering if we could come over. We only had about 15 minutes and bare feet, but this was too good of an opportunity to pass-up. It was CRAZY. We were tracted into!!! hahaha It was really cool. We taught them about Adam and Eve and we are going to go teach them more next week. It's incredible how Heavenly Father inspires us to do things-- even through crazy things like smelly garbage :)
Sunday: Tricia finally got confirmed! What a huge relief/blessing. She was sick the week of her baptism. We are glad that she has the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was such a good experience and she thought it was so awesome. How great.
Monday: We had our last district meeting- 3 of the missionaries in our district our going home. Then we all went to this Sushi place for lunch. It was actually pretty good. It's the first time I've ever had Sushi. There was this Maui roll that had mango, pineapple and coconut... and maybe shrimp, but I just ignored that part. Anyway, it was delish. But the cool thing was being able to hear the testimonies of all the missionaries that are leaving and how they have changed on their missions. How incredible. Missions are SOOOO cool!
The pictures are:
1- Sister Hawkes and I after her departing testimony at TC training on Saturday
2- Sister Hawkes and I about a half an hour ago :)
3- My district this last transfer - Elder Reese, Nelson, Rigby, Wilkey, Smith, Sisters Unice, Hawkes, Proctor, Rhoades
4- Sister Hawkes and I made some delicious smoothies. I spilled it all over my shirt :)
5- Another ridiculous chat :) 
It sounds like things are going smashingly back at home. I'm glad! Oh yeah, a lot of you have asked about what I want in a Birthday package-- I would like Denise Austen's yoga-21 days to a yoga body... If Jake is still using it then that's cool-- but if not, it's also like 8 bucks on half.com.... I like fun, springy, bright colored clothes- or money for clothes. I really like downeast things! or that bella bird stuff that Laura sent. I would love pictures of all of you! Maybe some money for new shoes. Mine are getting kind of sad. Um... I don't know. Not much has changed... I still just like having clothes :)
Mom- before I forget... If you have time/the funds... Elder Watson was IN LOVE with your quilt from last year. If you wanted to make a cool Pioneer quilt thing again, they would love to show it in the quilt show in September aaand Elder Watson wants to hang it up in the Trail Center afterwards- with your name on the front. Just something to think about.
Anywho, I want you all to know that this last transfer especially, I have realized how much Heavenly Father knows and loves us. With seeing 3 people who knew Mom the week of Mother's Day, having my Patriarch come into the Trail Center when I had been asking Heavenly Father about things that were in it, having Sister Hawkes as my companion, and seeing so many more miracles in the lives of our investigators. I am so amazed at how much Heavenly Father is involved in every aspect of our lives. We are truly SO blessed. How grateful I am for HIs love.
I love you all. I can't wait to hear from you again! Have a great week!
Sister Proctor