Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hi Family!

What a great week this has been! I say that every week... but that's because every day is great here! Some highlights from this week:

Our CDs came back from production. THEY LOOK AWESOME. I can't wait for all the Sisters to open them up on Christmas Eve.

December 7th was Pearl Harbor Day and I got to celebrate it with a Sister from Japan. You can see our "peace making" picture attached hahaha

We wanted to give the Senior Couples a nice gift, and Sister Arnold's Sis in law hooked us up with free books from Deseret Book! So awesome!!!

We had Zone Leader Council. That was a lot of fun and very cool.

We sang at another Gingerbread Performance.

Getting a package from Mom/Sister Graham, courtesy of Steve Scott. We loved the package PS.

Finding out that this one lady that I took on tour and offered a copy of Joy to the World is now a progressing investigator in Mississippi. Super awesome!

Awesome Lesson with Diane on the Atonement. She set her OWN commitments. So great.

We did service at the Catholic Convent.

We went to a dinner with the Commercial Club of Florence and accepted the "Community Betterment award." We also sang a few songs. It was really really cool! A lot of people felt the Spirit and said we were glowing as we were singing and talking to them. It was all in this really awesome old house called the Fort Crook house. It was a General's house and would be used for parties. It was so fun! I felt like I was in Little Women. This super nice old house. Dinner party. Singing. What a dream. We have such a cool way to do missionary work! I can't even stand it. We sat at the head table and everyone was asking us about what we do. So awesome.

Today we had Watson Wagon. We went and saw the GB at Kanesville Tabernacle. That was a lot of fun! Then we went shopping! Christmas shopping! All I got was wrapping paper... oh man. I'm not very good at shopping anymore :)

The pictures included are my Pearl Harbor peace picture and the pic of me and Sis Arnold in our matching Christmas PJs. They are the best!

I can't believe that everyone and their dogs are going on missions! That is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not going to LDSBC.

I want to Skype on Christmas at pretty much whenever works best for Jared.

I can't believe you got my flight plans. That is crazy.

Oh man, I'm so bummed about Disneyland plans being cancelled. Oh well. Hopefully it happens in September or October!

Yeah, super cool that I met that guy from Isaac's mission! He said he served in Khabarosk or whatever and so I asked if he knew Isaac. Way cool. It was nice that Isaac was a good missionary and that he was just spouting out all of these good things about him. It would have been so embarrassing if Isaac was a dud and I found out in front of all of my friends here :) Way to be Isaac! I'm sure people would say the same things about Jared and Jake. I've got some good brothers.

Welp, we still have to go do EVERYTHING for P-day. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!!!

Love you all,
Sister Proctor

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