Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Week

Dear family,

This week has been such a great week! Welcome to the family Abigail!!! You are soooo cute! I can't wait to meet all of my new nieces and nephews! We had a fun district activity this morning where we went and played frolf and ultimate frisbee. It was pretty great.

This week:
Tuesday: Michael and his family are moving, and I got to say goodbye to them. It was so great to see them. I love that family and I can't wait to stay in touch for the rest of our lives. They will always be so special to me.

Wednesday: It was Mormon night at the baseball stadium here! I conducted the missionary choir and they sounded so great! It was a lot of fun. Then we spent the rest of the night watching the baseball game with a bunch of missionaries and the mission president- something I never thought would happen, it was crazy! Then we also had a booth where we went and talked to people about coming to the the trail center. I found out that I have allergies in Nebraska. It's awful. Whenever it's windy, my eyes water like crazy, I sneeze and my head feels like it's going to explode. It's been fun to find allergies ;) So I was going pretty crazy that night with them since it was so windy. But it was still a very great and very fun night.

Thursday: We had exchange day. It was a lot of fun. I went with one of the newer sisters. She was great. It's fun to remember what it was like when you first came out and then to see the changes that you have made and the progress that you made. It's awesome.

Friday: We had some great trainings at the Trail Center from the mission department. It was awesome. Then that night we were on chat. It was good.

Saturday: this day was FULL of tender mercies. As you know, Jake's friend came into the TC and his wife who is friends with Taniel got to show me pics of Abigail! It was so exciting. I just love it when people who know my family come in. It makes me so happy and so proud.  Then, later in the day, this older couple came in they said they were from Highland. Their last name was Wengert. We started talking about where our houses were and then she asked me if Larry Gibson was ever my Stake President and I said yes, then she said that her husband used to be the Stake Patriarch. And right then I realize why the name Wengert sounded familiar, because it's right at the bottom of my Patriarchal blessing!!!! They came in and I got to take them on tour!!!!! It was one of the most incredible things of my life. They asked if any of the blessings in it had come to fruition-- I told him of my whole saga with my blessing and how I had finally decided to follow the counsel in it. They told me so many amazing things and then asked if anything else stood out to me, and I told them some things I had questions about in it, and that I had actually been praying and asking Heavenly Father what they meant earlier that week! They told me all about it. It was amazing. Man, I just wanted to get out my blessing and have them go through it with me. It was such a tender mercy. They gave me their name and number so that I could call them so they could come to my homecoming. After they left, Brother Wengert came back in with a bouquet of flowers which they bought intended to place on a grave-- but they couldn't find it, so they gave them to me. Such a wonderful, sweet day. Wow.

Sunday: We had a really busy day at the Trail Center and I took over 34 people on tour- granted one of them was a big tour, but it was so fun. The big tour had a bunch of the cutest little kids in it. It reminded me of all my nieces and nephews. Especially this one little girl, who looked like Eve. She was my favorite, and I picked her to do most of the stuff ;)

The pictures are:
1. I just thought this was funny. It was on the sidewalk
2. Getting hot dogs at the Baseball game
3. Sis. Hawkes and I at the baseball game
4. A bunch of the missionaries at the game
5. Me in the projects with some of the cute kids that we got to teach
6. The Flowers that the Wengerts gave me
7. This was this morning when we were playing Frisbee golf

Well, it sounds to me like everything is going great for everyone! It's so good to hear from you! This transfer is almost over, which is NUTS! Sister Hawkes goes home in a week and a half. I hate that. Oh well, it will be good. Nebraska is getting hotter and more humid by the minute. But, the bonus is that there are fireflies out now! It's so awesome! Ok, well it was good to hear from all of you and I love you very much. I am sorry this is shorter, but we don't have a ton of time since we spent most of our day playing frisbee :) I love you all!

Sister Proctor

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alma 46

OMG!!! I can't believe Taniel is in labor right now!!! That's incredible!! I'm so excited to see pictures next week! baaahhhhh

Well, This week has been great! Tricia got baptized!!! It was awesome!

This week in tender mercies:
Monday: We have been teaching someone who is incredible. I seriously love her. Anyway, she grew up in Venezuela with a psycho dad. And she has a hard time believing that God is her loving Heavenly Father because she doesn't know what a good dad is like. And it just made me so grateful for my Dad! Because of his love for me and how much he serves our family, it is EASY for me to feel God's love and to know that He cares about me. It's incredible. Thank you, Dad!!!

Tuesday: We got to help one of our members paint their house. She is incredible. Her name is Jenny Stetser and she has actually been to our house!! She is friends of Stephanie Smith and came over when mom was making her wedding dress, crazy huh! Anyway, she is a phenomenal ward missionary, so it was nice to be able to serve her.

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference- Sister Hawkes and I sang "Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands" It was beautiful. We were super nervous for some reason though. President Kunz recorded it. I don't know if it's going on their blog or not. Then, that night, Tricia got baptized!!! It was so great. I am so proud of her!

Thursday: haha this is exactly what I wrote in my journal "This journal entry is dedicated to Melodie Dearden: Today I mowed the lawn." hahaha. But, seriously, I did. And it was so fun. Then we had a great night on chat.

Friday: This week has been service week to the max! We helped one of our members clean up their house with a bunch of women from the RS. Man, the church is awesome.

Saturday: We practiced for the national anthem-- which I am no longer singing in, but CONDUCTING, in front of thousands of people. It will be really cool though. Then we did some more service, which was way fun.

Sunday: we were in the TC and this nonmember couple came in and they were just fighting the whole time. It was so awkward haha. At the end, by the SLC temple, I told them about my family. And how it was forever. And how knowing that made our relationships so much better. I also talked about my two parents who were married in that very temple. And how I had never seen them fight in my life. They were stunned. They took a Book of Mormon, gave me their information and I hope that they are willing to work for the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for them. Thank you Mom and Dad for getting sealed in the temple and working hard everyday to keep the covenants you made there.

Monday: MORE SERVICE! We helped two less active women in our ward. One we helped pack up to move, and the other we did some yard work for. The one that we did yard work for is so great. She is so friendly and so nice, and just needs to come back to church. She was married when she was 18, in the temple- but then her husband went crazy. After that she said that it seemed like every lesson in church was on eternal families and she was just sad. So, she married someone else (non member) and hasn't been to church in who knows how long. But when she talks about it, you can tell she still believes it's all true and wants it in her life. So I straight up asked her if she wanted a temple marriage with the husband she has now-- she said yes, but that she didn't think it would ever happen. We told her that she has to show that it's important to her and then Heavenly Father will bless her. I'm excited for her. I know that if she does what is right, she will get the things that she desires. Pretty cool.

1-Tricia at her baptism

2-Tricia and all the missionaries in BV2. L-R Elder Smith, Elder Reese, Tricia, Me, Sis. Hawkes.  Elder Reese baptized her. It was pretty cool. I love these Elders, they have become some of my best friends.

3- This was on a church's billboard. What the heck?! What does that have to do with anything religious? Talk about plain and precious truths being lost :)

4- I try to get pictures of all the low flying planes around here all the time, but sometimes it's hard. I can't wait to bring Jack and Isaac here next summer. They will go CRAZY!

It sounds like you have all had a great week! I'm excited for Taniel and Isaac! I hope to hear from you all soon! Know that I love you and miss you! Keep up the good work!

Sister Proctor

Pictures to the Max

Here are more pictures from the Concert we had on April 29

 Here are pictures from the Florence Days Parade and concert in the park on May 12

Monday, May 14, 2012

Long Time No See! Alma 17:2

Hello Family!

Well, judging by the lack of letters in my inbox, this is going to be a short letter :) I guess it's OK since we talked yesterday. It was so good to see all of you! I love knowing that things go on just the same without me there. It was SOOOO good to talk to Jared. Oh my gosh! How fun! We had a lot of laughs. He is such a great missionary. I'm so proud of him. Well, you should know that I am EXHAUSTED. We just got back from a tour in Boys Town. It was pretty cool. It's like juvie, but way better. There is a movie about it. You should watch it. It has Mickey Rooney in it. Pretty cool.

So for this week:

Wednesday: We had a great day in the Trail Center. I got to give a tour to G Brown who used to be in the 6th ward. It was way fun. It was a really good tour too. I included a picture of me with her and all of her friends.

Thursday: This is the night that we taught Tricia, and she had read the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet and decided to dress modestly. SOOO cool!!! It was like our baby was growing up. Missions are the best! We are going to get her started in Personal Progress, since she is 19 and didn't get a chance to do it. Awesome!

Friday:Sister Hawkes and I were trying to figure out this song that Sister Myers had wrote for Winter Quarters. It's beautiful. It's really fun to be able to express yourself through music. If only Jodi Scott could hear me now. She always wanted me to get a boyfriend or something in the 8th grade so I would show emotion in my music hahaha. The good news is, I figured it out! Without a boyfriend!--good thing, since I'm on a mission :)

Saturday: Florence Day Parade. This was the funnest. I felt like a beauty queen just waving and smiling but it was so much fun! Then that night, Tricia had her baptismal interview and passed! We are so happy for her!!!

Sunday: I don't think anything can trump being able to talk to my WHOLE family! Best day ever!!!!

1- Me with Jess Henby- she is the cutest. She is a convert from a couple of years ago, and she is a powerhouse! She is moving to Utah, so I'm sad to see her leave, but excited to see her when she gets home! 
 2- Me with Gayle Brown and friends. They were the cutest
 3- Me and Sister Graham before the parade in our pioneer clothes. I'm so glad we don't have to wear those everyday at the TC
 4- Me with Sister Hawkes on our way to the parade
 5- Gorgeous cathedral at Boys Town this morning
 6- Me with Sister Atkin at Boys Town
 7- In the tiny desks at Boys Town. Me, Sisters Ford, Bergeson and Graham
 8- Sister Hawkes and I at Boys Town

Welp, I am totally tired and ready for a nap :) It was so good to see all of you and I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! I am so grateful for ALL the women in our family who are wonderful examples of righteous mothers and potential mothers. It's amazing what a difference a good mother makes in the lives of her children. Luckily for all of us, we have had good mothers.

On Wednesday Tricia is getting baptized and that will be so awesome! I just love seeing the light in people's eyes change as they accept the gospel! You truly can see the light of Christ in their eyes. Amazing. It's in all of your eyes, as well. I love you all so much. I am sorry this is so short. Write me lots next week! Thank you for all the pictures Dad! I love you all!!!

Sister Proctor

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alma 38:5

Hi Family!

What a great week this has been! Sister Hawkes and I are having the TIME OF OUR LIVES! It's so great. Here are the highlights from the week:

Monday: We went and taught one of our investigators the law of chastity. She is currently living with her fiance, so we were kind of nervous about it. But, it went so well and she said she would do it because it was right! She's amazing. There is a picture of the two of us attached. We had matching shirts that day. That same night, we went to one of our other investigators house and it was just CRAZY. She is really depressed and she doesn't have food stamps anymore and her kids were driving her crazy (all of which I want to adopt, by the way). And we asked her if she wanted a Priesthood Blessing. She said yes, and so we called the Elders. They were clear down at the other end of the area, without a car. But they said they would call people and find a way up. About 20 minutes later, they showed up. We asked them how they got there and they said they were standing on the corner and then someone drove by and asked if they had a message for him. They said yes. Then he asked if they needed a ride, and they said yes, so he took them up to where we were! In the car they were able to teach him the restoration and they set up a return appointment. 2 amazing miracles that day! The Elders got an awesome new investigator and our investigator got an awesome blessing that totally changed the feel of her home afterwords. I was reminded that night, because of all the things that happened to get the Elders there, that Heavenly Father loves His children. He wants them to have peace, He wants them to be happy. He made it possible so she could feel that through a Priesthood blessing. Amazing.

Tuesday: We had a great day at the Trail Center. I was able to make CDs of our last concert and I will be sending that home to you pretty soon! We are doing another concert this Saturday after the Florence Days parade ( which we totally get to be in!!!!) I am so excited. We have a lot of fun doing all of these concerts.

Wednesday was a phenomenal day! We taught 7 lessons that day!!! It was awesome! We also experienced some of the grossest things of my mission. Remember how I used to watch Hoarders, Clean House and America's dirtiest bathroom and stuff like that? Well, I think I'm being punished for all of that with all the cleaning I offer to people. We were in the projects visiting one of our less actives and we helped her clean since they are having inspections. Her house if FILLED with cockroaches. I cleaned the dishes and there were maggots and roaches everywhere. They were falling from the cupboards. I had to keep reminding myself that Heavenly Father loved this woman, and so did I. I love her more than I hate cockroaches, so I could still do it. But it was DISGUSTING haha. Besides that, the day was amazing! Seriously, we were teaching so much and working our hardest. I love that.

Thursday: We had district meeting and then the Trail Center. Since we weren't even in our area that day we decided not to have any number goals for the day, but we figured we should put something, so we put 1 referral received as a goal. Well, on the way to the TC, a member called us and said they had  a friend who wanted the missionary lessons! It was awesome! Even when we thought we couldn't do much that day for our area, Heavenly Father still blessed us according to our faith!

Friday: Friday was awesome. The same investigator who has been living the law of chastity came in and we watched the Testaments at the TC. She loved it. We were all totally bawling at the end. It's so awesome to be able to turn people closer to their Savior! What a wonderful opportunity missionaries have!!!

Saturday: I found out that Steve (Recent Convert from Millard) baptized someone!!! What a cool thing to see people you teach and baptize progress in the gospel! Amazing!!!!

Sunday: We had a great lesson with a new investigator (referral from Thursday). She is 18 years old and has SO MUCH FAITH! She just wants to change and be better. It's awesome, because the gospel will help her do exactly that!

Monday: We got to clean the temple!!! It was so fun. We just dusted everything--- which didn't really feel like we were doing anything, but it was still so cool. And I got to sit and chat with one of the members of the Temple Presidency. It was awesome.

Sister Hawkes and I are seeing a lot of miracles. It's so cool to work with someone when you have the exact same goal and the exact same focus. We already get along, we know each other very well, so we just have to focus on the work. It's phenomenal. I love this. I can't believe that she will be home 1 month from today. I actually really hate that. But, we will just make the most of the time that we do have together!

It sounds like things are going really well back at home! If you are skyping with Jared at 6 maybe we could try for 5? So 6 my time? I will have someone call you to confirm that, because I don't know who has signed up for what at the TC.

Happy Birthday to Hannah and Dad!!!!! That is so exciting! I love you both so much!! I can't believe Hannah will be 8! When is she getting baptized? Also, what does Rachel look like now? haha I haven't seen a picture of her since she was born :)

Well, I am so grateful for all of you. I am so thrilled that I get to be on a mission right now. I can't think of anything better that I could be doing with my time. I love being able to study the scriptures every morning and then to go out and testify of Jesus Christ all day! It's the best!!!!

I love you all so much, and I can't believe I will get to skype with you on Sunday!!! It seems like just yesterday we were skyping at Christmas. Insane. But, I'm still way happy about it :)

Well, Have a wonderful week and I will see you on Sunday!
Sister Proctor