Saturday, February 21, 2009

A-Z About Me

1- Available?: surely
2- Age: 19, almost 20
3- Annoyance: cold showers
4- Animal: Dogs
5- Beer: nope
6- Birthday: June 15
7- Best Friend(s): Roomates, Erin, Kylar, Jamie
8- Body Part on [a guy/girl]: Smile
9-Best feeling(s): Having my thumb popped.
10- Blind or Deaf: neither. But if I had to be one, I guess blind?
11- Best weather: Spring! Shorts, Flip-Flops. Nothing is better
12- Been in Love: who knows
13- Been on stage: yes!
14- Believe in Magic: yes, I am going to Hogwarts one day
15- Believe in Santa: not so much
16- Candy: Swedish Fish
17- Color: Dark Red
18- Chocolate/Vanilla: Twist
19- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican
20- Cake or pie: Cream pie
21- Continent to visit: Europe
22- Cheese: sick
23- Day or Night: day
24- Dance in the rain?: that's only the dream of my life
25- Eyes: Brown
26- Everyone's got: i don't know?
27- Ever failed a class? nope!
Full name: Martha Proctor
28- First thoughts waking up: I'm sure glad I bought those High School Musical Sheets for 10 dollars!
29- Food: anything delicious
30- Greatest Fears: Losing someone I love
31- Goals: Make it into the Music Ed program, go to England on study abroad, make it into the BYU singers
32- Gum: any kind of spearmint
33- Get along with your parents?: Yes, they're the best
34- Good luck charm: I don't have one. But that is an Elvis song.
35- Hair Color: Brown
36- Height: 5'5
37- Happy?: Very
38- Holiday: Christmas 100%. and Cinco de Marcho
39-how do you want to die: In my sleep. or better yet, translated
40- Ice Cream: Pistachio
41- Instrument: piano, a little guitar, and i sing
42- Jewelry: friendship bracelets
43- job: I'm a tech-support person on campus. I don't do much.
44- Kids: hilarious
45- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing
46- Keep a journal?: yes. I'm all about preserving memories
47- Love: love it.
48- Letter: M
49- Laughed so hard you cried: Um. yes. I grew up with Erin. We get pretty psycho.
50- Milk flavor: skim. all the way. anything else is WAY to thick.
51- Movies: romantic comedy/musicals
52- Motion sickness?: nope
53- McD’s or BK: McDonalds. I hate burger king
54- Number: 21. It was my folder number in chamber.
55- One wish: to visit Paris, France and the Louvre
56- Perfect Pizza: Chicken Artichoke.. something.
57- Pepsi/Coke: I don't drink caffiene
58- Quail: bird.
59- Reason to cry: tears of joy
60- Reality T.V.: i can't lie, i watch the bachelor
61- Radio Station: 99.5
62- Roll your tongue in a circle?: yesh
63- Ring size: 8ish
64- Song: Because of You
65- Shoe size: 8 1/2
66- Salad Dressing: Caesar
67- Sushi: yuck yuck.
68- Slept outside: yes. without a tent. melodie tried to scare me the WHOLE time
69- Smoked?: never
70- Sing well?: hope so
73- Sing In the shower?: uh yeah, hi.
74- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries
75-Tattoos?: none
76- Time for bed: whenever we all decide to stop talking an go to bed.
77- Thunderstorms: Used to freak me out, but now I really love them.
78- Unpredictable: not that i know of
79- Vacation spot: Besides Paris, i'm all about jamaica or somewhere tropical and exotic.
80- Weakness: stubbornness
81- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: none. we are all different :)
82- Who makes you laugh the most: Lots of people. I have very funny friends.
83- Worst feeling: waking up early naturally when you can sleep in longer.
84- Wanted to be a model: i pretended to be one a ton when i was little. and after our roommate photoshoot with luke, we decided it would be quite fun.
85- Where do we go when we die?: paradise
86- Worst Weather?: snow, AFTER Christmas.
87- X-Rays: dental x-rays :)
88- Ex's: mmm... not really
89-Year it is now: 2009
90-Yellow: Happy, crazy. jamie's favorite color
91- Zoo animal: i was really looking forward to seeing the ghost of the bayou. but it was gone when i got there. that was really sad.
92.You texted? Addison Johnson
93.You went to the mall with? Melodie, Laura, Sarah, Brenton and Rory
94.You went to dinner with? Melodie, Sarah, and Monique
95.You talked to on the phone? Robby
96.Made you laugh? Roommates
97.Hugged you? John Nelson
98.Said they loved you? Jamie
99.Held your hand? Morgan. yikes.
100.Spoke with online? John

Well that was fun. Sorry for the extended absence :)