Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Future Parents

Dear Future Parents,

I have found a bit of data that you might be interested in. I know a fool-proof way to ensure that your daughter gets married within 4 years of High School. You don't think that there is just  ONE thing that could have such an effect? Well, let me show you the evidence....

Lone Peak Chamber Choir- 2005-2006
1. Karlie R. -MARRIED
2. Lacie J. -MARRIED
3. Sally D. -MARRIED
4. Nicole B. -MARRIED
5. Britney P.- kind of flown off the radar, but last time I checked, she was not married. 
6. Nicole C. -MARRIED
7. Sabrina B. -MARRIED

1. Martha P. -MISSION
2. Jade J. -MISSION
3. Emily S. -MARRIED
4. Becca S. -Neither
5. Leslie F. -MISSION
6. Brooke L. -Niether
7. Danielle S. -MISSION

I thought this was interesting, but it wasn't until I moved on to the next year that I realized just how true this was... 

Lone Peak Chamber Choir 2006-2007

1. Lindsay R.-MARRIED
2. Sally D. -MARRIED
3. Katrina L. -ENGAGED
4. Tia H. -ENGAGED
5. Lea W. -MARRIED
6. Trish R.-MARRIED
7. Trisha R. -MARRIED

1. Martha P. -MISSION
2. Jade J. -MISSION
3. Stacy E. -MISSION
4. Jessica L. -MISSION
5. Melissa B. -MISSION
6. Emily B. -MISSION--this is an update- apparently she is expecting her call this week- Thanks Melissa!) It just helps to prove my point haha
7. Erin M. -neither

Yep, that's right. For some reason, boys can't resist those high fluffy voices. For my Senior year to have ALL of the sopranos engaged/married, and all but ONE of the altos on missions (mind you, she is not a member of the church, so I think she is exempt). It's crazy stuff. So parents, if you want your daughter to get married in college, or you are just too excited to plan a wedding you can't wait more than 4 years, put her in choir, and make sure she's a soprano. 

My nickname in choir was "Beef" because I was told on many occasions that I had a "beefy" voice. This is sounding worse and worse as I type it, but I was told it was because I had such a rich, dark singing voice...  As much as I loved being an alto, the evidence is clear that guys prefer sopranos. So parents, don't let your daughter grow up listening to Karen Carpenter, otherwise her choir teacher will tell her it sounds like she gargled with drain-o (A comment I got all the time) because she can sing so low. 

I think I have proven my point. 

Case closed.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear X-Men

Dear X-Men, 
Can I just say WOW? This past Thursday I went and saw the new X-men First Class movie. It was SO good. So good in fact, I went and bought the trilogy and watched them all. *The following may contain spoilers-however the movies are like 10 years old, so you probably already watched them* I bawled when Professor X died, I just didn't think it was possible. Then when Magneto told Pyro "Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live." I could just die. It was so good. Then at the very end when Magneto moves that chess piece a little bit, I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally gasp! And then after the credits when you find out that Professor X transferred his mind into the body of that guy born unconscious! Holy crap! Please just come out with the next X-men movie! Don't get me wrong, I love the origins, but I'm dying for the next one. I don't know why it has taken me so long to discover them, but they are soo good! I especially like that Eric and Charles aren't really enemies, they are still old friends, but with different ideas. Super cool. I also liked First Class because I love seeing how people get to be where they are in the other movies. Wow. I never thought I would have a post this nerdy, but WOW! 

Also, Kevin Bacon plays the bad guy in X-Men First Class. At first, I could not stop thinking about this commercial: 

Too funny. 

But seriously, if you haven't seen these movies, WATCH THEM. NOW. Don't wait. Heck, I'll watch them with you. 

The next member of the X-men,