Friday, December 4, 2009


It's 2:17 in the morning.
I should probably be in bed right now.
But there's one problem.
Almost everything that I own is on my bed.
Preventing me to sleep in it.
Also, the man in there vacuuming doesn't help.
That's right.
It happened again.
Our basement flooded.
And a ton of the water went right into my room.
There is a man here sucking up all the water.
And another one trying to unclog our main line.
In the meantime.
I get to stay up in case they need me.
I can't complain though.
Nothing of mine was ruined.
I'll get to sleep eventually.
My management was SUPER quick about getting someone out here.
And they are really helpful.
We have amazing Christmas lights on our house.
Things are going well with school.
My grades this semester are better than ever before.
I have great friends who are so willing to help.
I have an amazing family who loves me.
You know what crappy old house basement flood?
You can't beat me.