Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life as of Late

I am a junior. A junior. I am a junior in college. How weird is that? I still have no major, but hopefully I'll get into the Music Ed program this next year.

AAAND, I'm on my way to Hawaii tomorrow. It's going to be fabulous. Get excited for the millions of pictures that I plan on posting when I get back. Farewell!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Lovely Month of March

March has been a fabulous month. We started it out by going to the Junior Prom at Melodie's old high school in Henefer. Yes, that is my junior prom dress. We decided to be funny and dress up for the prom. They had all the junior class do a promenade and then a little dance thing. It was hilarious and awesome. Not at all like my high school's prom.
Then, it was Laura's 25th birthday. I made her a Barbie birthday cake. It was so fun and she really liked it!

Also, for Laura's birthday we went and celebrated at her favorite restaurant Goodwood. It was delicious. This is a pic of Lars looking smokin' on her birthday.

For FHE one night we played with sidewalk chalk on our driveway. Our friend Stuart wrote this on our front doorsteps. So true :)

This is my niece Hannah. She had her very first violin recital. She did an AMAZING job! She is so cute and so talented!

This is Me and Hannah after her recital.

This is all of our friends at our Feaster dinner. What is Feaster? you ask. Well, it's a fake Easter feast. It was delicious. We made a TON of food and had a fun time with all of our friends.

After our Feaster dinner, we lined up from youngest to oldest to go into the living room for a Feaster egg hunt! You can see Taniel's excitement beaming from her face haha.

This is everyone looking for their eggs. Yes, Curtis was looking in the guitar haha.

Then we ended the Feaster festivities with a traditional Feaster song. It was a another successful made-up holiday.

March was a lot of fun, and I am even more excited for April. There is only 2 more weeks of school left, and then I'll be a Junior. I can't believe that I'll be a Junior in college. It's weird. Then after school is over, it's off to Hawaii with my friends! I am so excited!